SVCC Conference Call Minutes


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AVCA Sand Volleyball Coaches Committee (SVCC)

Conference Call Notes

May 2nd, 2011


Meeting Started:  11:07 Eastern Time

Present on call: Kathy DeBoer, Todd Dagenais, Kevin Campbell, Mick Haley, Nina Matthies

SVCC set a goal of getting an accurate count of schools to have formally announced the formation of Sand Volleyball programs in 2011-2012 academic year.

SVVC set a goal of identifying schools who will or MAY announce the formation of Sand Volleyball programs for the 2011-2012 academic year.

SVVC set a goal of identifying schools who continue to have an interest in the formation of Sand Volleyball programs in the near future.

Committee member Kevin Campbell (UNF) will begin the process of determining the above information

It was noted that there may be teams that haven't announced the formation of programs due to sensitivity of timing or finances, yet still intend to start programs in 2011-2012.

Committee member Mick Haley (USC) stated that some schools may have difficulty getting full support from administrations if there is no clear "season ending tournament".  The NCAA requires 40 schools to sponsor Sand Volleyball prior to holding an NCAA National Championship.

Kathy DeBoer (AVCA) feels the AVCA, in conjunction with CBS Sports Network and USA Volleyball, would likely be interested in creating and holding a "National Championship Invitational" during the second week May. There is a future goal having the Championship over Memorial Weekend in May.  We feel like a "regional or national qualification process" would need to be developed for teams to gain entry into this Championship Event. Kathy will continue to follow up with these entities.

SVCC needed clarification on Minimum number of contests needed to constitute a varsity season.  There is confusion if the set standard is "8 contests" or "8 dates".  Kathy DeBoer will check with the NCAA to get confirmation on the rule, but it is believed that "8 dates" is the standard.

It was noted by the committee that a team needing to launch a program on a small budget could potentially play all of their required matches in only four weekends.



SVCC feels that schools sponsoring both indoor and outdoor programs may elect to begin their non-traditional season (20 hour) training much earlier in the spring semester now. They would likely have their four non-traditional play dates wrapped up by the first week of March. Around that same time, an institution would begin the Sand Volleyball portion of their spring schedule.

The current legislation does allow for an athlete to technically train for 20 hours during the entire spring semester if they are competing indoor and Sand Volleyball.

The SVCC feels as if Sand Volleyball will likely develop in "pockets" of the country allowing for easy access to inexpensive play dates.  So far "pockets" seem to be emerging in Southern California, Northern California, the Gulf Coast Region, and Florida.  Additional "pockets" may emerge in the Carolinas.  The committee fells that it very important that we help and encourage Texas to form a "pocket".  Hopefully "pockets" will continue to spread north and into the mid-west in the very near future.

Kevin Campbell (UNF) said that the Florida schools have already started the process of filling play dates in 2012. The committee will determine the best way to advertise open dates and tournament events making it easier for schools sponsoring Sand Volleyball to schedule matches.

Nina Matthies (Pepperdine) identified a need to create guidelines and suggestions for Event Management and how to run tournaments and formats for dual matches.  Kevin Campbell expressed a concern with the format of #1's playing against #1's and so on due to the fact that the determination of "who is #1" is not enforceable.  Tennis uses the same system, but there are rankings in place to determine team's rankings.  Nina will create documents with suggestions and add it to the AVCA web site under the "Sand" tab.

Kathy feels like the NCAA will allow the Sand Coaches to explore scoring systems to determine team champions and team championships.  An example would be that #1's match-up would count for more points toward the team total, #2's would be less...etc. Kevin felt as if the current format of "one point per win, first team to three points wins the dual meet "would create "sandbagging" or sacrificing lower teams against opponents best teams, while having your top team play at the #3 or #4 spot to guarantee points. Mick felt as if he would be compelled to give his top teams more scholarship money if their matches counted for more points.  The committee decided that it does not currently have a suggestion on how team points should be scored in a dual match, other than what the current rules structure says. (One win equals one team point).

Committee Members Mick Haley and Kevin Campbell will begin to identify organizations and groups running junior volleyball sand events for Sand Volleyball coaches to recruit.  It was also suggested that tournament directors have a record of the graduation year of each of the tournament's participants.  We will make an effort to put links to these schedules and groups on the AVCA web site under the "Sand" tab.

There was a suggestion made that a video should be made to help new sand see and understand the sand rules and how they differ from the indoor game.  Examples about "setting" and "tips" were given.  The committee will allow membership to decide if this is necessary.

Mick noted that some Junior College teams are forming dual matches with 4 "pairs" matches and one "quad" match. Kathy said that the intent of Sand Volleyball was to have "Pairs" but the NCAA would likely be open to expanding the definition of match formats as long as there is long term promotion of Sand Volleyball as its own sport. The ultimate intent of the NCAA was to create a sport with different athletes playing Sand than those that play indoor. Sand Volleyball wasn't created to be a sport that can be double counted like Cross Country and Track does. However, it was understood that the formative years of NCAA sand Volleyball would likely have a great deal of crossover.

The committee wanted to highlight the fact that schools adding Sand Volleyball are potentially eligible for a significant grant from the NCAA. To be eligible, an institution must declare Sand Volleyball on the institutions Sport Declaration Form during the summer prior to sponsoring the sport.  The institution also must currently sponsor 14 intercollegiate sports (Sand Volleyball would be the 15th) in order to be eligible. 

The SVCC encourages all institutions adding, or looking to add Sand Volleyball, go to the AVCA Web Site under the "Sand" tab for important information and updates.


The Sand Volleyball Coaches committee agreed to a follow up conference call on:

                                May 31, 2011 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time/ 8:00 AM Pacific Time



Conference call ended at 12:21 PM


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