May 26, 2011


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AVCA Division III Head Coaches Committee Meeting

Meeting Minutes

May 26, 2011 - 11 a.m. ET


Sam Wolinski - NCAAWomen's Coaches Academy (WCA)

  • Last year was held in Boston
  • Topics: Title IX, history of women in sports, networking, resume building, coaching philosophy, skill building, strength & weaknesses
  • Coaching journal - good idea, write notes specific to herself as a coach, things to improve on in the future
  • Recruiting workshop with Dan Tutor



  • Strength and conditioning personnel- only allowed during academic year, not summer. Coaches can't set up specific facility times. They must let student athletes know available times
  • Championship Bench Size - big as possible for student athlete experience. This is a hot topic that is currently being discussed.
  • Fundraising Legislation- current changes
    •  Money earned from those who work (concession, raffle, etc) can be earmarked for those specific student athletes individually.
    •  Money received that was not "earned" (mailing, etc.) has to go to the entire team
  • Tryouts - increasing cost of travel - not being able to go out to see kids play - recruiting videos limited currently because of DI ruling - thoughts?
    • Tammy Swearington - good idea to make things even with club coaches, but not really feasible
    • Becky Schmidt - still unsure if she's for it - not sure if it helps when athletes can still bail
    • Mark - players want definite answer when going to an expensive school
    • Jeanne Hess - pushback comes from admissions office. If we say they can't play then the school loses an admission
  • Legislative Trends - anything that needs to be discussed?
    • Tammy - Violations. Lack of consequences. Lack of penalty to schools/coaches violating rules (i.e. texting athletes). Coaches can lose their jobs but then can just go start over with another team. No accountability.
    • Becky Schmidt - stricter enforcement of financial aid?
    • Tammy - yes, the committee said they would be working on that


Role Call Question:

What are you doing this summer that is not volleyball related?


Note: Becky Schmidt will not be running for re-election for the board of director's position. She encourages a committee member to consider running.


AVCA Report:

The Coaches for Coaches Scholarship is now available. The link for this will be in the minutes. You can also use this link to donate to the Coaches for Coaches Scholarship fund.


The Minority Coaches Committee Scholarship applications will be available soon. Each year at the AVCA Convention, the committee offers scholarships to a group of minority coaches who are looking to pursue a head coaching position at the NCAA level. The link to access the application will also be in the minutes.


The AVCA Team Academic Award will be open June 1-30. The AVCA Team Academic Award honors volleyball teams at the high school and college level that are successful in the classroom. Nominees include high school or college teams that meet a minimum cumulative grade point average during the full academic year.


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