Rotate 123 Launches New Match Up Tool, Website Upgrades and Extends AVCA Partnership


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Volleyball innovators Prescott Lee and Kyle Mashima, co-founders of Rotate 123 LLC, have launched an upgraded version of their unique volleyball lineup tool, Rotate 123, along with a more education-based website. Dubbed Rotate 123 Pro, the new, more powerful version incorporates opponent information which allows coaches to easily create rotation-by-rotation match up charts.

"Rotate 123 Pro opens the opportunity for a higher level of tactical coaching to more coaches," said AVCA Executive Director Kathy DeBoer. "The sheer time demands of diagramming match ups using paper and pencil made this type of analysis impossible for all but full-time staffs. Now every coach with knowledge of an opponent's lineup and a computer can put together a match plan that best utilizes their personnel."

"We worked closely with John Kosty of Stanford to develop the Match Ups feature," said Lee. "Match Ups allow coaches to quickly compare defense vs. offense and serve vs. receive for each rotation and substitution situation. In addition, at game time, you can enter new data to understand what new match ups might occur."

In a corresponding development, Rotate123 has completely upgraded their website adding new material to help coaches understand rotations and learn optimization.  "Our partnership with the AVCA has highlighted the need for greater coach education," said Mashima. "The new ‘Learning Center' will include a series of tutorials to help coaches understand how to improve their team's performance.  Also, the Rotate 123 team has worked with the AVCA to develop junior-level coaching clinics and will post this material on the new site."

As a result of a successful first year, the AVCA has extended its relationship with Rotate 123 for another two years.  With over 1,000 volleyball coaches using the service after just one year on the market, Rotate123 quickly became the worldwide leader in automatic rotation generation.  AVCA members will still receive their first year of Rotate 123 free of charge and pay just $30 per year if they find the tool useful.  Rotate 123 Pro is a $65 per year annual subscription with AVCA members receiving a $5 discount in year one.


About AVCA
The AVCA, with its headquarters in Lexington, Ky., is managed by Associations International.  The mission of the AVCA is to develop the sport of volleyball and its coaches.  With a membership of over 5,300 and counting, the AVCA provides a professional network for those individuals and companies dedicated to enhancing and promoting the sport. Members include collegiate, high school, club, youth and Olympic coaches, as well as volleyball club directors. The AVCA provides education to volleyball coaches, recognition of elite players and coaches, promotion of volleyball competitions throughout the world, and networking opportunities for volleyball products and services providers.  Further information is available at

About Rotate 123 LLC
Rotate 123 LLC is the world leader in automated rotation optimization for volleyball.  Founded by Silicon Valley software veterans,  Prescott Lee and Kyle Mashima, they have combined their passion for coaching volleyball with their knowledge of software to develop Rotate 123.   Lee and Mashima are dedicated to delivering software that will help coaches save time and win more matches. 


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