August 10, 2011


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Minutes

August 10, 2011 * 1:00 p.m. EST*

Roll Call:

Cody Hein, Chico State
Randi Smart, Cal State L.A.
Jamie Skadeland, Colorado School of Mines
Sean Donahue, St. Edward's
Jessica Rinehart, Northwest Missouri State
Melissa Wolters, West Florida
Deanne Scanlon, Grand Valley State
Megan Hrbek, Caldwell
Bo Pagliasotti, Southwestern Oklahoma
Linda Bell, Elizabeth City State
Zach Shaver, Indiana University (Pa.)
Chuck  Waddington, Angelo State
Katie O'Brien, Montevallo
Allison Magner, Academy of the Art
Ashley Buckley, Augustana
Michael Robinson, Tusculum
Phil Shoemaker, Alaska-Fairbanks
Selina Bynum-Kohn, Paine
Lynze Roos, Lynn
Lorelee Smith, Lewis
Shellane Ogoshi, CW Post
Ben Briney, Truman State
Kristy Bayer, Arkansas Tech

Kelly Wengerter, American International
Heather Vahjen, Erskine

Meeting Called to Order: 2:01 p.m. EST


I. Welcome (Cody)
Cody began the call by welcoming everyone and thanking them for their time.

II. AVCA Update (Leah)
Leah gave a brief update on things going on at the AVCA. This included:

Convention Registration: Opens Wednesday, August 17! Stay tuned to the AVCA Convention website for more information:

Video Tip of the Week: This program has been a HUGE success! In all our travels this summer to different high school affiliate clinics, we hear about the popularity of this educational offering non-stop. Thank you to those who have contributed in the past year!  Anyone interested in submitting a video, contact Jill Wilson of LSU.

Member Appreciation Month: August is Member Appreciation Month! Any coach who joins or renews during the month will receive an AVCA notepad. There will be weekly challenges that members can participate in and have a chance to win a TomTom GPS and AVCA Coaches Board. At the end of the month, we'll do a drawing from all active members to receive a free eSCORE, 2011 AVCA Convention registration and 4 nights hotel in San Antonio. You can also purchase an eSCORE for 10% off and receive free shipping!

AVCA Awards Programs: We need your help in encouraging high school coaches to nominate their student-athletes for the Under Armour High School All-America Program. The athletes must be seniors, the coach an active AVCA member and should be entering team and individual statistics in MaxPreps. Talk to the coaches of your 2012 commitments and encourage them to join the AVCA and nominate in late October!

Yammer: A possible suggestion for the HCC as a means of communication, or a place where you can facilitate some sort of online dialogue, etc., would be Yammer.  To get to the point, we experimented as a staff with Yammer. It's very similar to the concepts of Facebook, but we would be able to organize the education committee into your own separate network or community where only you, myself and members of the committee can see what's going on and engage in dialogue. There are features to add a polls, as well as photos, links, etc, etc., in addition to the ability to freely discuss any items of interest, at your own leisure. If you're interested in setting something up for the group, let me know. It is very simple to use.

III. Chair Reports (Cody)

1.         Goals for the year

A. Stay up-to-date on information...and communicate well on what we know and have heard

i. Electronic contacts legislation (phone calls & texting), season-length extension,  financial-aid limitations, pre-season hours limitations, etc.
* Management council is reviewing implementing unlimited contacts to a recruit after their junior season.           
*The NCAA will revisit the decision on adding a week back to the end of the season.
            **The PSAC is not wanting the conference tournament and basketball to interfere, so if a week were added back to the end of the season, the PSAC would potentially have 3 weeks of no matches until the NCAA Tournament began.

B. Provide information to various committees

i. position papers, statistical data, surveys, etc.

C. We need diligent committee members and an efficient committee chair

i. 90% on roll...3 unexcused absences and I must find a replacement for your conference

ii. We will get minutes to you by the Monday after the meeting; please forward on to your conference coaches once you receive them.

V. Next Meeting

The next HCC call will be September 21 at 1 p.m. EST.  


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