September 21, 2011


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Monthly Conference Call

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 at 1:00 EDT


Meeting Agenda

•I.        Welcome - Katy Meyer, HCC Chair (

  • A. Welcome new member - Derick White ( from Missouri Valley (Heart of America Athletic Conference).

•II.      AVCA Updates - Leah Brock, Director of External Operations (

•A.      Convention Registration: Be sure and sign up to attend the 2011 AVCA Annual Convention! Early bird deadline is November 4. Visit the Convention website for more details and to register:

•B.       Important Convention Hotel Notice! The AVCA wants to make you aware of a scam being operated by a company representing themselves as "Convention Housing Services" for the AVCA Convention hotels. This week the AVCA learned there is an unscrupulous company based in Las Vegas that is calling and/or e-mailing AVCA convention speakers and possibly others claiming they are "AVCA Convention Housing Services" and offering to make reservations at the Grand Hyatt. Please be aware this company is in no way affiliated with the AVCA and has not been authorized to act on behalf of the association. Do not give your personal information to this company!  The AVCA does not have an agreement with any outside groups to market the convention hotels.

•C.       Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship: Help us spread the word about the 2011 Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship! Applications are available on the AVCA Website ( and are due to the AVCA office by Friday, October 7. Please encourage any of your student-athletes (or other students you work with) to apply for this scholarship to attend the Convention in San Antonio. Eight scholarships will be awarded. The scholarship is intended for current college students (can include graduate assistants) who want to pursue a coaching career after college. The scholarship will cover hotel accommodations and convention registration. We also need your help with the funding of this program! Any donation amount helps! You can donate via the link above and we appreciate, in advance, your help!

•D.      Minority Coaches Scholarship: Scholarships are now available and are due by Friday, October 7. Thanks to a grant supplied by the NCAA, the AVCA Minority Coaches Committee will scholarship twelve female minority coaches to attend the 2011 AVCA Annual Convention in San Antonio. The grant will cover up to $800 of travel and hotel accommodations as well as convention registration. Applications can be downloaded here:

•E.       AVCA Fall Webinar Series: The fall webinar series is available for purchase! For more information on the different presentations, visit here:

•F.       Coaching Volleyball 2.0: For several years, the AVCA has desired to give our members more issues of Coaching Volleyball magazine. Now, we are able to do that thanks to technology that has been developed by our tech team. To view the all-new issue of Coaching Volleyball 2.0, head to the Coaching Education section of the AVCA web site:

•G.      2011 NCSA/AVCA Fall Girls' Talent Showcase Coaches Pre-Registration: Starting October 3, coaches can register to attend the talent showcase held on Sunday, December 18 held in conjunction with the AVCA Annual Convention. You must have your convention badge to enter the event. Registration is free and coaches will receive the information on the athletes prior to the start of the event.

•H.      NAIA Update - Jamie Adams, Manager of Championship Sports (

  • A. 2011 NACDA VB Sport Motion (attached to the email containing this agenda).
  • B. Pass Per game stat rejected because they already have it. In present system, either get aced or pass the ball.
  • C. Send a reminder that current policy has home match responsible for stats, but is it worth it?
  • D. General updates.

•I.        Committee Updates:

  • A. Recognition Committee - Stew McDole
    Want to rank athletes deeper for all-region process. Make parallel forms for AVCA region recognition or not? Review to see if regions still make sense?
  • B. Competition Committee - Mike Gibson
  • C. Membership - Christy Clawson
    Make sure people in conference are members. Continually encouraging AVCA membership with fellow coaches.
  • D. Sand Volleyball - Christy Clawson
  • 1. Arizona Interscholastic Athletics is exploring the idea of adding Sand Volleyball in local schools.
    Stew: Issues with pro sand players being eligible to play court volleyball.

•J.        Other Constituency Updates:

  • A. Men's Programs - John Yehling
    Added a few teams in conference. Things are strong with teams having other teams to play.
  • B. Assistant Coaches - Matt Buttermore.
    Trying to get more AVCA VTOW.
  • C. Conferences - Any Committee Members
    Stew: Presence at USAV Qualifiers, broached subject at August meeting with NAIA branding emphasis and were very supportive of that. Jamie: Shipping costs might be issue.

•K.       Committee Chair General Report

  • A. I will be making another push with conferences to get replacements. Please stay active with your own conference members and encourage and foster AVCA membership among coaches.
  • B. Seeking interest from any current committee members who may be interested in taking over as the NAIA-AVCA Representative.

•L.       Roll Call - Katy Meyer (


Next AVCA-NAIA Head Coaches Committee call is scheduled for October 19th, 2011 at 11:00 am CDT

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