December 14, 2011


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Minutes



Division II HCC Meeting

                                                     AVCA Convention - San Antonio, Texas

                                                           Wednesday, December 14, 2011
                                             Henry Gonzalez Convention Center Room 214A



I               Welcome and thank you for coming.

II             Roll

III            Chair Report (Cody)

  • A. Board report from BOD meeting on Tuesday

-Financially in good shape, there have been good investments.

-Convention is doing very well, but are we too dependent on it?  What if there is a bad convention?

-Overall attendance up in the DI Tournament 23,000 fans.

-New rules coming in from Two-Year Colleges.  Players now need a 2.5 GPA to transfer to a four-year school.

B.  HCC assistance with exhibitors
                       -Please take a few moments to talk to them.  There attendance is an important part              of the success of the convention.      

C.  Recruiting legislation
                       -Not talked about at board meeting
                       - Deregulation of number of in-person contacts, eliminate electronic media       distinctions, and establish first contact of June 15 prior to junior year.

D.  Season Extension - please track what's going on.

E.  Moving Volleyball to Spring
                         -The conversation is happening.  John Kosty was not in favor of it.
                         -It's mostly a DI issue

F.  Publications
                          -Electronic or print preferred?  Mixed results in hand-raising poll.
                         -More mobile-friendly desired.

G.  Combined Championship with DI - Positive reception.
                           -Is it a better student-athlete experience?
                          - A plus to extend competition for more games, but will they take matches off the front end?The format of play would change a ton.
                          -  Cody:  It would change a ton of regionalization with a possibility of influencing TYC coaches. 

                         -Concerns about potentially missing significant class time.
                         -Cost more money to play in a larger facility?
                         -Lack of desire to give up fall festival.

H.  Top-25 Poll.
                            -Change matrix to include teams receiving votes.
                           -Use HCC to find poll voters for better regional representation.

I.  White Paper on regionalization circulating.
                            -Love the mid-season crossover tournament. 
                            -Should be a requirement to play in-region non-conference.

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