January 26, 2011


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Education/Publications Committee Call - Thursday, January 26, 2012

Publications Overview

Coaching Volleyball - Rundown of editorial deadlines and general topics. Discussion of departments, current audiences/topics and potential new developments (See below for initial email from Jackson).

Invitation for ideas and potential writers.

                Joan Powell and Becky Oaks - Officiating expertise (potential for bi-monthly column)

                Safe Sport model adopted by USAV, Using Social Media, Nutrition and Athletics.

               Language of coaching - communication and athletes of varying ages. Cautionary approach to using statistics. How to predict potential in athletes. Assistant Coaching as a profession. The responsibility of coaching/influence on younger players.

               Sports psychology - calling on experts outside of strictly volleyball backgrounds. Examples: Sociology of a timeout. Coaching to what's important - leadership, motivation, etc. Teaching adapted to needs of the players. Another potential for a regular article?

               Expectancy theory. Coaching special needs athletes/learning disabilities. 
               Article: http://www.pponline.co.uk/encyc/sports-coaching-how-to-coach-athletes-with-learning-difficulties-41300      

               Teaching progressions - improving the actual ability to teach skills across all levels.

               Managing personnel - asst. coaches, student managers, etc.

               The complexities of identity as a female athlete.

               Strategies of successful coaching - contribution from coaches that have recently won championships throughout the year.

               Recruiting and the challenges associated with different levels of play, budgets, etc.

               Team-building strategies. Relating to athletes.

               Off-season training emphasis. Team selection (timing - drop this before the season/tryouts). Nutrition, practice plans, etc.

(Potential webinar/series) Using various statistics and methods of recording them..maybe let vendors provide examples.

Reminder - keep your eyes/ears open for interesting studies and videos, that's the kind of content that we can turn into great digital publications.

Editorial process - several members of the committee have expressed an interest in becoming involved in an associate editor-type role. As we move forward, we'll be in touch.

For various topics, we may assign a particular committee member to be the point person in that area - helping us identify writers/develop specific topics, etc. Again, feel free to contact us with suggestions.


Currently working on a recruiting webinar series that will culminate in a certification of sorts.

Invitation to present webinars - moving towards March 9th. Summer=strength and conditioning.

We are always looking for creative ways to work our sponsors into webinars/presentations.


All convention and speaker materials are posted to the AVCA website.

DVDs will be available for purchase mid-Feb and mid-March.

Spring Convention (Anaheim) - many exciting speakers have been confirmed, need to market.

Volleyball Tip of the Week - these should begin arriving this week and onwards.


Again, thanks to everyone for joining us on the call and expressing an interest in getting involved. As things come to mind, email Jackson and Kali.

As discussed, we'll be attempting to compile a master reference guide of all of our outgoing materials and the various topics/audiences that they encompass.  

We will contact you in the near future about setting up another call.


Publications Approach - drafted by Jackson


Coaching Volleyball

Upcoming Deadlines (generally the date that I need text for features)

April/May: February 25 (Sand Volleyball)

June/July: April 29 (Club/Recruiting)

August/September: July 1 (Women's Preview)

October/November: August 27 (Convention Push, Women's Season)

Current Departments: On The Court (news tidbits/human interest), Secret Life of Teams (sports psychology, human interest), Getting Fit (Conditioning/skills), Assistant Coaches Column (Coaching insight).

Flexible Departments: Player's Voice (insight from the student/athlete), Coach's Voice (Op-ed section for coaches), Special Recognition (human interest or news pertaining to noteworthy events).

Potential Department categories: Sports Psychology (insight from an expert outside the volleyball-specific community), Youth Coaching (written by/for youth coaches, club teams, junior high/high school, etc...could be done by committee). Rules/Regulations (Q&A with a prominent official, breakdown of rules and their impact on the game, etc.)

Typically, an issue of CV will consist of the departments and 3 features, and at least one of those features will be a technical piece, while the other will address a universal coaching topic or some exposition on a matter currently affecting the game. Convention previews, women's preview and men's preview each receive their own feature in the respective issues.

Feb/March: Topic piece (Women in Coaching, by Kathy), Analysis/Results of the AVCA salary survey, and a technical piece based on Tom Black's presentation on serving.

Coaching Volleyball 2.0

5/6 Issues/year, room for more depending on content. Key to this publication is developing QUALITY items, such as the swing blocking piece. Also note, this is not on a regular production schedule. We will put out 2-3 over the next few months then hit again when play is gearing back up over the summer.

Next 2.0 will be sand-centric, and will also feature highlights gleaned from various Convention sessions for those that couldn't attend or want to re-cap some of the things mentioned. 2.0 cannot be done without strong contributors that can provide video and valuable data. If someone you know is doing something cool, let us know about it.

Being digital, 2.0 is constantly evolving. We want to make every edition of it unique while maintaining a certain level of consistency and branding. We also want it to be usable across platforms, from the coach sitting at a desk to a coach in the bleachers with a tablet or smartphone. We don't have set departments for 2.0, rather, we aim to develop three feature-type pieces.


Phenom, like 2.0, isn't on a regular production schedule. We try to punch out a number of issues in succession when players are likely to be more interested in volleyball. Maximizing impact while keeping production/design costs down is the name of the game.

Phenom is currently undergoing a design transition. It will be more tied into our social networking starting in the next issue, and will also broaden it's scope to develop content not strictly limited to volleyball topics. For example, we want to give it a bit of personality that reflects the readership, so we would like to take advantage of our digital capabilities and include nutrition tips (such as recipe videos) and audio/video components, such as favorite songs, school-related items, fashion and other aspects of daily life off the court as well as on it.

It would be nice to have some contributors that come from our readership. These can be rotating guest columns from players on traveling, playing club ball, balancing school and games, etc. If you know players that would be good contributors, let me know.

Extra Editions

Because we have the ability to publish digitally, our new contract allows us to publish a nearly unlimited number of items. We still, of course, pay for design costs. Sometimes we'll receive a submission that is already designed, meaning we can simply edit and publish it. We may give this a test run shortly with a nicely done piece on the career and impact of Al Scates. If it is manageable, I'd be open to any suggestions about unique events or happenings in the volleyball world that may not necessarily fit into the traditional publication schedule.

Editorial Review

Kathy, as you know, works diligently to both develop story ideas and contact writers. If we can get 1 or 2 of the committee that will devote a little bit of time to review content when I receive it, I feel like we could have an even stronger focus. I can handle the grammar, spelling, content, etc., but to have another set or two of "volleyball" eyes looking through a piece to help tighten it, it'd be a big help. Also, help us develop a network of writers. If you know people that would enjoy contributing, get in touch with them. If you know, for instance, that an edition of a publication will be coming out around club season and you know a coach with great club insight, put us in touch or pitch us an idea for a topic. The more minds thinking about this, the greater our reach can become.

Topics and Audiences

With only 6 issues/year and content in many ways dictated by what is happening in the volleyball community, it is important that our recurring departments address the needs of the entirety of our coaching audience as much as possible. We don't want to overreach here, and trying to please everyone may result in nobody getting as much info as they'd like. I think that, by expanding to develop another department or two, we can ensure that more coaches get universally valuable information. Generally speaking, at least one of the feature pieces in CV can be "up for grabs." 



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