February 9, 2012


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DIII Head Coaches Committee Call

February 9, 2012

Meeting Minutes

Present: Lambert, Keckler, Garza, Robinson, Swearingen, Wilson, Bennett, Webb, Wooden, McDonald, Hess, Vaccari, Sheehan, Andress (AVCA)

I. Roll Call Update/Roll Call Question - Does this day/time still work for you for our monthly conference call? Let Sam know of any new people who want to join the committee.

II. AVCA Report - Kali Andress

  • The AVCA is heading to the University of Southern California for their second most popular event May 3-5. Only at the 2012 AVCA Spring Conference can you hear:
  • o three divisional Coaches of the Year
  • o elite men's coaches discussing "Why We Win"
  • o three of the four 2011 Women's Final Four coaches
  • o U.S. National Team Coaches before they leave for the London Olympics


The AVCA Spring Conference offers an intimate atmosphere where you can ask questions and interact with coaches like: Mike Sealy, Kevin Hambly, Al Scates, Mike Hebert, Anne Kordes, Mick Haley,  Karch Kiraly, and Hugh McCutcheon. The early registration deadline is March 30 so register today to take advantage of the savings! http://avca.org/laspringconference2012/

  • The AVCA is currently offering a Spring Webinar series that focuses on recruiting. There are 3 fundamental webinars: "Evaluating Talent" by Terry Pettit, "Organizing & Managing Your Prospect Database" by Jill Wilson, and "Selling Your Institution & Coaching Staff" by Dan Tudor. Also being offered are division-specific recruiting webinars as a bonus. So, if you purchase the series of 3 you can choose a bonus webinar to receive for free. The DIII bonus webinar will be presenting by Paco Labrador on March 14 at Noon Eastern Time. So you can visit the AVCA website to purchase the series, or just the bonus webinar individually.


  • The AVCA is hosting a Spring Girls' Talent Showcase on March 29 at the Reliant Center in Houston. Registration to attend is free to college coaches. Coaches to pre-register will receive information on all of the athletes prior to the beginning of the event. All athletes will also be undergoing extensive skills-testing during the showcase, and a complete list of those results are sent to all college coaches in attendance post-event. To pre-register visit: http://www.avca.org/events/talent-showcases/

III. NCAA Men's Division III Volleyball Update - Patrick Dorywalski - New AVCA  Division III Men's BOD Member

  • First NCAA championship this year - Springfield is hosting, with boys club tournament
  • Stevens Instit of Tech will host next year with invitational for boys high school volleyball
  • There are currently over 60 teams, with more conferences discussing adding
  • 9 teams, 6 automatic qualifiers
  • 10-12 teams within the next 2 years
  • They are currently 4 weeks into the season - men's community very excited


IV.  NCAA Rule Proposals Update - Tammy Swearingen

  • Rules committee met January 17-19 in Indianapolis
  • Proposed volleyball rules changes are on their way to PROP
  • They can accept or deny them - waiting on their decision
  • DIII changes: 15 subs, use of electronic aids can be used on bench but can only get statistical data from within the gym - see rules proposal Sam sent out
  • Tammy said they will be looking at how the 2 liberos are being used in different regions to understand how to take advantage of this rule strategically. There is so much up in the air right now that not a lot of action has been taken yet on this issue.
  • 2013 - Libero uniform change will go into effect
  • Tammy will be off the committee as of August - the new representative has not yet been decided - waiting for NCAA to select
  • There has been a lot of discussion about net systems, particularly the ones that come down from the ceiling. These are becoming more popular, but there are concerns about the refs having obstructed views and there are also safety concerns. If anyone is putting in a new facility, be careful about these systems - need to be accurate and safe. NCAA representatives will be meeting with developers to discuss these systems.


V.  AVCA Spring Conference - How do we increase attendance among Division III Coaches (especially in the immediate area), perhaps other options in conjunction with our Women's Championships and upcoming Men's Championships at the DIII level

  • Increase attendance of DIII coaches at Spring Conference - last year only 10 DIII coaches
  • If you are attending any of these events, email Sam to let her know. She will compile a list of DIII coaches attending and send it out so those people can meet up.


VI. NCAA Convention Update


  • DIII coaches can text their athletes again. Good for getting a quick response from recruits or wishing them good luck at a tournament. Not good as a first introduction.
  • DII coaches gained approval to start contacting prospects after their Sophomore year
  • University Athlete issue - cost of $500. Sam is going to get some further information about this issue to bring back to the committee as well as some cheaper alternatives.


VII.  What should be the vision of our HCC?  What should be our top priorities/focus as a HCC?  What issues or areas of the game should we tackle in order to better our sport for our student athletes and ourselves as coaches? - this is the second part of the role call.




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