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DI Sand VB Committee, Call #7

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Transcribed by Kathy DeBoer



Committee Present: Nina Matthies, chair, Danalee Corso, Anna Collier, Tim Loesch

Absent: Jason Kepner, Eric Hammond

AVCA Staff: Kathy DeBoer, Jason Jones, Ashley Beil


Nina Matthies called meeting to order and welcomed new member Tim Loesch, Sand Coach at Stetson U.  Tim shared some concerns regarding the scheduling of the National Championship and the number of matches players would be playing on consecutive days.  Nina noted that the format is not locked in stone and that once the season started and coaches ran some events using the same format, we would have an idea of what the student-athletes can manage. 


The selection committee was discussed.  Kathy DeBoer reported that Ali Wood Lamberson would like to fill the USAV representative position.   If she is out of commission due to child birth on selection Sunday, April 15, then Patricia Daugherty would serve in her stead.  The committee was comfortable accepting Sherri Booker, the Senior Associate Commissioner at the ASUN, as the At Large representative on the committee.  As to the other administrative representatives, several committee members felt it was appropriate to look for selection committee representatives from institutions who did not have coaching reps on the committee to lessen the appearance of favoritism or undue influence by particular programs.  Kathy DeBoer will reach out to Cindy Masner, the senior associate AD at Long Beach who has been recommended by Brian Gimmillaro, and Rita Crockett, assistant AD and Sand VB coach at Florida International.  The committee will finalize the selection committee on the next call.


Schedule and Results: AVCA will compile a cumulative schedule of all 15 teams so that we can track competitions and results.  Coaches/SIDs are asked to send weekend results to the AVCA via FAX, (859)226-4338, or e-mail on Monday starting March 5, 2012.  The AVCA will circulate those to others in the Beach VB community who may be interested and/or tracking on the sport.  Anna Collier suggested engaging Dennis Wagner of Beach Volleyball Database, who is already tracking on results from competitions all over the world.  Kathy DeBoer will reach out to him.


Statistics: the committee will strongly recommend that institutions keep player statistics on serving, hitting, blocking and digs.  This would require one person per court and the sense was that this person could also keep the score.  It was noted that a ‘dig' in Sand VB is only recorded if it leads to a kill, similar to the assist statistic in court VB.  The AVCA will prepare a statistics sheet that will be circulated to all programs so we have consistency.  Anna and Nina agreed to find definitions and guidelines that could be circulated with the stat sheet and used for training purposes.  All agreed that there may be unanticipated challenges finding game management helpers, but that we should commit to try.


The AVCA Awards group was waiting on statistics decisions before preparing their final recommendations, but will bring those to the group on the next call.


The call adjourned at 8:56 PT


Next call: Wednesday, February 15, 8:00 a.m. PT; 11:00 a.m. ET             

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