SVCC Conference Call Minutes


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Minutes for DI Sand VB Committee Call #9

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Transcribed by Kathy DeBoer

  • I. Composite schedule by date and school (attached)
  • a. Send any changes or updates to Jackson Silvanik,
  • II. Warm-up Protocols
  • a. 10 minutes of shared time guaranteed before or between matches. The clock starts after the coin toss is completed. No coaches on the court during this 10 minutes. If the court is free earlier or there is a free court available at the site, players may warm up longer than 10 minutes and coaches may assist in the warm up.
  • b. All extra courts are shared space
  • c. Coaches and Officials should make a point of teaching ball shaggers to bring balls back to the sidelines and set them in the sand, or toss them directly to a waiting player rather than rolling them back onto the court.
  • d. Single Coin Toss: at the beginning of a dual match the head referee shall conduct a single coin toss, the result of which will regulate the choice of all five flights. Once play in an event has started and courts are on different schedules the coin toss for choice and to mark the start of warm-up will be held on each individual court.
  • III. Updated Score/Stat sheet (attached)
  • a. Added boxes for tracking time outs
  • b. Added boxes for Choice and Side
  • c. Added boxes to track score at side exchanges
  • d. Removed Misc category
  • IV. Points system for individuals (Point System attached)
  • a. If there is a need to supplement the Win-Loss data on an individual player in making a decision for the 2012 AVCA Collegiate Sand Volleyball National Pairs Championship, the committee will evaluate the top six finishes of the season. At least three of the six must be dual matches.
  • b. Coaches of players under consideration will provide this information to the AVCA in time for the selection call @ 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 15, 2012
  • V. Lineup Changes
  • a. No substitutions may be made for a player once an event has started. If a player is injured and cannot continue, the doubles team forfeits that match.
  • b. For purposes of lineup changes, a dual match and a bracket pair's tournament are different events, even if played on the same day or at the same site on simultaneous days .
  • c. A coach may make lineup changes based on injury or performance from one event to another as long as they stay within the one position parameter for moving players.
  • 1. Example 1: During a dual match a player on the #2 team sprains her ankle during the first set and is unable to continue play. Her school forfeits the #2 flight. The next day a 10 team bracket tourney is scheduled and she is still unable to compete. The coach may substitute another player who was not part of the original 10 onto the #2 team for tourney play, or may move up a player from the #3 pair to #2, from the #4 pair to the #3, and from the #5 pair to #4 and substitute the 11th player into the #5 team.
  • 2. Example 2: During a dual match a player on the #3 pair performs poorly. The coach may substitute player that was not in the top 10 into that pair for bracket tourney play or may bring up a player from the #4 team to play on the #3 pair and move the underperformer to the #4 team.

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