Wednesday, March 7, 2012


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Division I Head Coaches Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (EST)

Call led by Kevin Hambly, Division I Representative, University of Illinois


1.  Update from NCAA Division I Meeting (Kevin Hambly & Kathy DeBoer)  

Kevin Hambly, Rob Patrick, Anne Kordes and Kathy DeBoer traveled to Indianapolis in February to meet with the NCAA Division I Volleyball Committee and staff. Kevin noted he felt good about the meeting and was optimistic the committee would consider some of the new ideas discussed. He thought the committee seemed more open to coaches input. Some of the topics discussed included:

1) RPI/Pablo - The AVCA group brought up the idea of using the Pablo ranking model to assist with seeding and making selections of the final teams. Kathy was told after the AVCA group left the meeting that the committee discussed the possibility of incorporating Pablo but no decision was made at that time. It was noted the committee is not going to consider the AVCA poll in their decision making.

2) TV Ratings - The television ratings for the 2011 championship was about .5. In order for something to have commercial viability it needs at least a 1.0 rating which translates into about 1 million households. It was noted there is still a lot of work to do in this area in order to achieve commercial viability.

3) Finances - Every first and second round site was able to send money back to the NCAA which means all were able to cover their expenses and had a surplus. The NCAA travel budget for the championships was about $500,000 over budget primarily due to last minute flight bookings to Hawaii. Despite increased attendance for the 2011 championships the overall loss is expected to increase due to higher expenses. The NCAA has not yet completed their final budget numbers for 2011 but the overall loss for 2010 was $800,000.

4) Issue with Regional Ranking Committees - There was a problem this past season with coaches serving on Regional Ranking Committees not showing up for conference calls or not being prepared when they do. Kevin noted this is a significant problem and needs to be addressed. The HCC discussed a variety of ways to hold those participating on the ranking committees accountable. Some of the ideas mentioned included posting minutes of the calls so everyone can see who is attending, having conference representatives follow-up with the coaches on the ranking committees to make sure they are doing their jobs, and removing those on the ranking committee from that position if they don't show-up or come unprepared for the calls.


2.  Recruiting Task Force Update  (Tonya Johnson)

No report.


3.  Marketing Sub-Committee Update (Alma Kovaci)

Alma reported the Marketing Sub-Committee had a call last week to discuss how to attract casual fans to the sport. The sub-committee has a goal to increase attendance at the first and second rounds of the championship but they believe building momentum earlier in the season is critical to that success. The group is studying the marketing model used by softball to generate ideas. They are also looking at some of the marketing strategies used by basketball. It was suggested volleyball could come up with something similar to "rivalry week" or "bracket buster week" to generate a buzz among casual fans and build momentum for the championships.

Kathy mentioned schools that have been able to market successfully typically have a passionate fan base for a specific school or sport. For example, Nebraska can play almost anyone in volleyball and draw a great crowd in Lincoln but if UCLA played USC in Lincoln the building would be virtually empty. Kathy noted some of the new television network packages will help exposure as many of the packages include televising volleyball matches. More exposure should help attract more casual fans. Kathy feels marketing is best done locally for now until numbers improve and large sponsors for volleyball can be found.  


4.  Sand Volleyball Sub-Committee Update (Kathy DeBoer)  

Kathy reported the Sand Volleyball Committee has been meeting every two weeks to discuss rules, playing format and details surrounding the season. Anyone interested in that information can find the meeting minutes from those calls on the AVCA site by clicking here.


5.  AVCA Update (Jason Jones)

Jason reminded the committee that registration for the AVCA Spring Conference is now open. The spring conference will be held May 3 - 5 on the campus of USC in conjunction with the NCAA Men's Volleyball Championships. The early registration discount rate of $239 will be available until March 30. The Radisson Hotel on USC's campus will serve as the headquarters hotel with a rate of $129/night. The schedule will include an exhibit show, several networking events and numerous on-court and classroom educational sessions. Speakers include Kevin Hambly, Mike Sealy, Mike Hebert, Mick Haley, Anne Kordes, Cecile Reynaud, Karch Kiraly and Al Scates. For more information on the spring conference schedule and registration please click here.

The AVCA will be hosting a talent showcase that will be held in conjunction with the JVA World Challenge in Houston. The talent showcase will be held from 5 - 8 p.m. on March 29 in the Reliant Center. This recruiting event will be for student-athletes graduating in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 as well as two-year college players. Coaches planning to attend the showcase are asked to pre-register by clicking here. All coaches who pre-register will receive player profiles prior to the event.  

The AVCA has created a webinar series focused on recruiting. The series consists of 3 webinars with the first presented by Terry Pettit on evaluating talent, the second webinar was conducted by Jill Wilson on organizing and managing your prospect database and final webinar was done by Dan Tudor on how to sell your school and coaching staff.  The entire series was recorded and is available for $29.99 in the AVCA Product Store. Those who purchase the series will also get a bonus webinar by Geoff Carlston on recruiting at a Division I school. For more information on the recruiting webinar series please click here.


6.  Next committee call Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 11:30 a.m. ET


7.  Roll Call                                                               

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