Wednesday, April 4, 2012


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Division I Head Coaches Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (EST)

Call led by Kevin Hambly, Division I Representative, University of Illinois


1.  Update on NCAA Championship (Kathy DeBoer)  

Kristin Fasbender with the NCAA told Kathy the Volleyball Committee has discussed the possibility of using information beyond team sheets and RPI when making tournament selections. A final decision on what information will be included in the decision making process has not been made but the Volleyball Committee appears open to using Pablo data along with the traditional resources. The Volleyball Committee is considering using the AVCA poll for guidance as well.

Kevin asked about adding more than 25 people to the bench for the tournament. Kathy noted increasing the bench size would have to go to the Championship Cabinet which meets this summer.


2.  NCAA Legislative Issues (Kathy DeBoer)

Kathy reported that Jim Barker, chair of the President's Commission working group, is in the process of looking at different parts of the rule book to identify areas where the rules can be simplified. Many of the current rules are time consuming to monitor and requires schools to hire more compliance people and increase costs on everyone. Jim is looking for rules that can be eliminated and result in a minimal impact on competitive issues. This review is not sport specific and in most cases elimination of rules would go across all sports.

The recruiting calendar was discussed and Kathy mentioned she hears many complaints from coaches regarding the amount of travel and time that is required to recruit at all of the junior events. The committee discussed this issue extensively and the majority felt increasing the length of the quiet period or adding a quiet period in late March or early April would return some work/life balance to coaches. The committee recognizes coaches will not be unified on this topic but wants to move forward with the process of making a change. Kathy is going to consult TJ Meagher and put together a written proposal for the committee to review.

*Update* After the HCC call Kathy did speak with TJ regarding the recruiting calendar. TJ's opinion is that the recruiting calendar in its current form is likely to go away during the next legislative cycle. TJ believes there will still be a recruiting calendar that includes some dead periods such as signing dates and national championships. However, it is likely that quiet periods will no longer be included on the calendar and coaches will be able to recruit a certain number of days whenever and however they choose. The AVCA will keep the committee updated on this issue as more information becomes available.   


3.  Recruiting Task Force Update  (Tonya Johnson)

No report.


4.  Marketing Sub-Committee Update (Jaime Gordon)

Jaime and Alma Kovaci went to Indianapolis and met with Mary Eiland who is the lead marketing person for women's volleyball with the NCAA. Jaime and Alma were told that attendance for the 2011 championships set a record with 134,217 total people for all rounds of the tournament. That is an 18% increase over the 2010 championships and the second time total attendance had exceeded 120,000 fans. Part of the reason for the increase was that the top 16 teams had more time to prepare as the host institution and could do more advance marketing.

Jaime said the Marketing Sub-Committee has a lot of ideas but is at the point where they need some direction on where their focus should be and what is the most important to coaches and the sport before they can move forward. Kathy suggested the sub-committee focus on marketing efforts to increase attendance at matches on campus. She feels this is an area where the committee and AVCA can make an impact as opposed to other areas like increasing television viewership where the AVCA would have minimal influence. It was noted that increasing attendance at regular season matches would likely increase attendance at the NCAA tournament.

Mary Eiland is developing a marketing plan for volleyball with the goal of getting the top 30 - 50 programs to implement the plan. This will create a framework for all schools to use on their campus. Part of the strategy will be to connect with groups like AAU and JVA to offer incentives for attendance. Another idea is to implement a "Pack the House" marketing campaign. Each team would designate one match as their "Pack the House" match and attendance at those matches would be calculated nationwide. The total attendance number could then be used in marketing materials and promotional campaigns.  


5.  Sand Volleyball Sub-Committee Update (Kathy DeBoer)  

Kathy reported the Sand Championships will be held at the end of April in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The championship will have 4 teams and 16 pairs competing over three days. So far the season has been going well. Anyone interested in more information can find the Sand Committee meeting minutes on the AVCA site by clicking here.


6.  AVCA Update (Jason Jones)

Jason reminded the committee that registration for the AVCA Spring Conference is still open. The spring conference will be held May 3 - 5 on the campus of USC in conjunction with the NCAA Men's Volleyball Championships. Registration is $299 and will be open through April 13. After April 13 registration will be open onsite in Los Angeles. The Radisson Hotel on USC's campus will serve as the headquarters hotel with a rate of $129/night. The schedule will include an exhibit show, several networking events and numerous on-court and classroom educational sessions. Speakers include Kevin Hambly, Mike Sealy, Mike Hebert, Mick Haley, Anne Kordes, Cecile Reynaud, Karch Kiraly and Al Scates. For more information on the spring conference schedule and registration please click here.

Jason thanked the committee members for submitting the contact information of the volleyball lead in each conference office. This list of conference volleyball administrators will be used to improve communication of important issues going forward.

The AVCA has developed a fundraising campaign for the Coaches4Coaches Scholarship Fund called "$1,010 by 10/10." The goal is to raise $1,010 by October 10, 2012. The AVCA will be reaching out to coaches via e-mail and social media to request donations. There will be a competition among member categories on which group (DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, Two-Year College) can raise the most money. One person from the winning member category will win a free convention registration. For more information and to donate please click here.  


7.  Next committee call Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 11:30 a.m. ET


8.  Roll Call                                                                     

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