AVCA Membership Dues to Increase July 1


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AVCA membership dues are scheduled to increase on July 1.  The last AVCA dues increase was in July 2010.  We ask for your support of the AVCA for all the resources and efforts we provide to advance our sport and your professional development.  The additional revenue will aid the AVCA in supporting, improving and expanding on the new projects that have been implemented since the last dues increase.


Membership Category  Current Price  New Price 
NCAA Div I Women's Head Coach  $235 (+$100 multimedia) $245 (+ $100 multimedia) 
NCAA Div I Men's Head Coach  $205  $215 
NCAA Div II & III Head Coach $160  $170 
NAIA, TYC & NCCAA Head Coach  $145  $155 
Collegiate Sand Coach  $145  $155 
NCAA Div I Assistant Coach  $135  $145 
JVA Club Director  $105  $110 
USAV Club Director  $105  $110 
NCAA Div II, III, NAIA, TYC & NCCAA Asst. Coach  $95  $105 
High School Coach  $70  $75 
Graduate Assistant     $70  $75 
International Coach  $70  $75 
Club Coach  $70  $75 
Administrator     $65  $70 
Affiliate  $65  $70 
Director of Operations  $65  $70 
JVA Associate Club Director  $55  $60 
USAV Associate Club Director  $55  $60 
Electronic International  $45  $50 
Student Membership  $45  $50 
Middle School Coach (must be signed up through HS coach) $40  $45 
JVA Club Coach (must be signed up through JVA Club Dir)  $40  $45 
USAV Club Coach (must be signed up through USAV Club Dir)  $40  $45 

The AVCA is bigger than we have ever been, serving more coaches at more levels.  The reason for this growth is new programs and added services.  The creation of a digital version of Coaching Volleyball, called 2.0, the programming of over 100 webinars, the development of a social media presence that is the envy of other coaches associations, the launching of Sand Volleyball as a new sport at the college and high school levels, the AVCA Convention App, ALL have stimulated growth in membership, ALL have increased participation in programming, and ALL have contributed to making the AVCA the cutting-edge deliverer of education you have come to expect.


Why an increase, you ask? Why now?


Here is a list of new projects and developments since our last increase:

  • Coaching Volleyball 2.0 - three issues in 2011-12 and four issues scheduled for 12-13
  • Phenom, The Magazine for Volleyball Players - six issues per year
  • AVCA Educational Timeouts Webinars - 60 per year
  • Nearly 10,000 Facebook followers, twice our membership
  • AVCA Convention App (launched at 2011 AVCA Annual Convention)
  • AVCA Blog - once per week on current topics
  • Sportwide/AVCA Video Tip of the Week - coaches helping other coaches succeed
  • Three new high school affiliate states - Connecticut, Georgia and Florida
  • 200% growth in High School Awards Programs
  • First Collegiate Sand Volleyball National Championships and Collegiate Sand Awards Program
  • Website dedicated to AVCA Affiliate Partner Program - affiliates.avca.org
  • 4,000 Twitter followers tracking on up-to-the-minute results and breaking news
  • New Membership Categories - Collegiate Sand Coach, USAV Club Director, USAV Associate Club Director and USAV Club Coach

What will the increase buy you?


  • A more functional AVCA Website and Product Store
  • Development of Sand Coaching Educational materials
  • Increased frequency of Coaching Volleyball 2.0
  • A more visible AVCA presence in Club Volleyball
  • New awards program offerings


Your participation has made the AVCA the most recognized volleyball brand in the United States in terms of polls and awards.  Per Meltwater Press, an independent media tracking firm, these two programs alone generated over 300,000,000 media mentions last fall.  But, to meet our aggressive goals for more mainstream visibility, we still have a lot of work to do! We know we can count on you to help.

In the meantime, SAVE yourself a few bucks by acting now!  
How does it work? 

  • Every collegiate head coach who joins or renews their AVCA membership between now and July 1 can sign up or renew the membership of an assistant coach, volunteer assistant, graduate assistant, Director of Ops or administrator on their staff at no charge!  

  • Every Club Director who joins or renews their AVCA membership between now and July 1 can sign up or renew the membership of an associate club director or coach at their club at no charge!   

  • Every High School coach who joins or renews their AVCA membership between now and July 1 can sign up or renew the membership of another coach at your school or a feeder school at no charge!

This is a great opportunity which hopefully coaches take advantage of prior to the July 1 dues increase.  To redeem this offer, please fill out this membership form and remit to the AVCA Office.  This offer is not available through the AVCA Website. 

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