May 16, 2012


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Minutes



                                                                  Division II HCC Meeting


                                                            Wednesday, May 16, 2012
                                                                                1PM ET


Roll Call:

Randi Smart - Cal State LA: NOT PRESENT - Cody Hein covered.
Megan Hrbek - Caldwell 
Heather Vahjen - Erskine College: NOT PRESENT
Shellane Ogoshi - CW Post: NOT PRESENT 
Deanne Scanlon - Grand Valley State
Lorlee Smith - Lewis
Phil Shoemaker - Alaska Fairbanks 
Melissa Wolters - West Florida
Sean Donahue - St. Edward's
Chuck Waddington - Angelo State: NOT PRESENT
Jessica Reinhart - NW Missouri State: NOT PRESENT 
Ashley Buckley - Augustana: NOT PRESENT
Katie O'Brien - Montevallo
Zach Shaver - Indiana University (PA)
Jamie Skadeland - Colorado School of Mines: NOT PRESENT
Michael Robinson - Tusculum 
Selina Bynum-Kohn - Paine 
Lynze Roos - Lynn
Sarah Smith - Shepherd: NOT PRESENT
Kristy Bayer - Arkansas Tech
Ben Briney - Truman State: NOT PRESENT  
Doug Walters - Cedarville  


 I Welcome

II Reports
A. Cody
1. Board of Directors meeting update
strategic issues session: what is adversely effecting DII?
Thank you for ones that responded with issues.
b. website re-design in the works
c. volleyball performance index
Trying to get established in different tournaments. Creating combine-like numbers to create massive database.
d. dues increase
The thing holding DII back is money, increasing $10 for DII coaches.
2. Combined championship
a. letter to Champs. Com. for May 30-31 meetings
b. survey of coaches questions...needed yet?
Not surveying coaches yet, want to hear back from championship committee first.
3. 2-hour team activity rule during non-champ segment...
a. who is aware of this? do we need to do something about it?
Sean Donahue: As of Feb 15th, had to go back to the individual skill sessions, when 45 day window starts. Four people allowed in gym. Zach: Ok'd for me to do in late February.
4. Representation
a. still need 4 more reps for 2012-2013 (9 rotated off or pursued other job opps this year) to have a complete 24 from each conference.
b. still in talks about Top-25 poll voting requirement associated with HCC (HCC rep +1 model would make for 48 voters)

B. David Portney
1. General AVCA business
We are currently in the 10,10 by 10/10 campaign looking to raise 1,010 dollars by October 10th for the Coaches 4 Coaches fund. We're also running a little contest, in any divisional category, so in your case Division II, that raises the most money, one of the coaches that donates from that division will be randomly selected for a free convention membership. You can donate as little as $10 so please go to our website and donate to help give our young coaches a great start to their career.

Starting June 1st, the Team Academic nomination period will open running throughout the entire month. You need a 3.3 team GPA on a 4.0 scale to win, but please visit our website for more information about the award.

Please visit our product store for some training DVD's and great off-season reading material.

2. Spring Conference wrap-up

III Additional Agenda Items
A. Call me if you have anything additional to add...

IV Next Meeting/Roll
A. Wednesday August 8, 2012
B. Thank you to reps that are rotating off

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