August 14, 2012


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AVCA Division III Head Coach Committee Call

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

11:00 a.m. EST


Present: Sam Lambert (Chair), Shelly Bauder, Jon Bennett, Doug Blystone, Josh Edmed, Beth Ellinger, Ed Garza, Kim Kelly, Mark Massey, Monica McDonald, Don Perkins, Ben Read, Mika Robinson, Bridget Sheehan, Tammy Swearingn, DeAnn Woodin, Amanda Brungs (AVCA), Kathy DeBoer (AVCA)


AVCA Report - Kathy DeBoer & Amanda Brungs


  • NCAA/COSIDA Rep for DIII Memo: NCAA is requiring stats for both teams and all matches played at a site and provided by host/home team of matches.
  • Dimensional Software webinar: "Stats for Matches and Practice with Volleyball Ace and the TapRecorder"

This webinar will illustrate how you can take stats for your team quickly and easily using Volleyball Ace and the TapRecorder, tools for mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone and various Android devices.

We will illustrate how Volleyball ACE will provide you with stats after your match but more importantly while the match is in progress. We will show you how easy it is to set up a new match, recording a rally, and the use of the variety of reporting features to look at set and match stats.  In addition to the features for stat recording and reporting on mobile devices we will illustrate the use of the Volleyball Ace Desktop Strategic Analyzer tools, which provide additional power to analyze your team performance and develop stat-based strategies on Windows and Macintosh desktop computers.

We will also demonstrate the TapRecorder with PracticeStats, a tool designed to stat drills during practice. 

We hope that by the end of this webinar you will understand why Volleyball Ace and the TapRecorder are the best choices for statting your team.

Date:  August 22, 2012 - Time:  1pm EST

  • 2012 AVCA Convention Registration: Headed to Louisville, Kentucky, December 12-16. Opens Wednesday, August 15 on the AVCA Website!
  • C4C Donations/Scholarship: Donations are still being accepted for the $1,010 by 10/10 campaign! Donate today to have a chance to win a free Convention registration! Scholarship applications will be sent on Thursday, August 16. Help us spread the word!

• Poll Voting/Rules/Last AVCA BOD Meeting/Other Legislation Items

  • Want to have rep from each conference
  • North Atlantic Conference needs a rep


Goals for this year's HCC

  • What can we work on this year?
  • Favorite icebreaker/team activity?

Other Items

  • -Calls will be on second Tuesday of each month at 11:00 a.m. EST


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