Wednesday, May 7, 2008


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Roll Call: Absent: Big West, Ivy League, Metro-Atlantic Athletic, Missouri Valley, Northeast, Pacific10, Southeastern, Southern, and Southwestern Conferences.

The meeting was called to order at 11:35 a.m. (EDT) by Chair Mark Rosen. He welcomed everyone and thanked them for being on the call.


· Recruiting Task Force


The chair of the Recruiting Task Force (RTF), Pete Waite reported with assistance from TJ Meagher on a number of issues that had come before the group. There are four main issues that the RTF wants to bring before the committee. They include the following:


Change the one time transfer rule to not allow immediate eligibility. The rationale is that this may help slow down the process of students committing so early and be surer of their college selection. However it was also noted that there are often good reasons for students desire to transfer other than "homesickness". It was suggested that tracks some transfers and we may be able to extrapolate some information from his data on the number and reasons for transfers. TJ noted that baseball has implemented the change.


No dead week during signing period for freshman, sophomores and juniors. TJ noted that it would be very difficult for volleyball to get this to pass the NCAA as a stand alone initiative. He suggested that we talk with other sports and see if we could create a collation of interest before pursing further.


Limit College Coaches Coaching Club (for instance 8th grade and under only and coaching at tournaments which involve PSA's counting towards the school's 80 days). There were many statements for and against presented by the committee. Pete indicated that we'd move ahead and let the coaches vote on the issue.


Recommendations from the Assistant Coaches on the Recruiting Calendar. It was generally felt that the coaches should set the calendar that works the best for them and then let the club events fall where they may. It was suggested that the club events would move based on the coaches calendar.


The committee agreed to put these issues before the Division I coaches during the traditional operating code cycle which would begin January 2009. The issues can be investigated and discussed between now and then. There will also be opportunity for discussion at the convention in Omaha.


Regional Realignment Revised Proposal


Kim McKay thanked the committee for their input on the last call. She distributed a revised regional format for discussion (a copy of which is a part of these minutes). She noted that this format keeps an RPI of 15.8 - 17 which was much more similar across the board. Jill Hirschinger, AVCA Awards Chair, was also on the call and asked for some clarification. Jill noted that it would be impossible to implement the change for this year in that all new committees and processes would need to be developed. She asked that the committee decide if that wanted to pursue the change and if so submit the proposal to the AVCA Awards Committee as soon as possible.


AVCA staff will be sending out a ballot on the issues to the committee in the next couple of weeks. The committee members will then need to get votes from all of the coaches in their region. Those votes will be sent back to AVCA headquarters and tallied. If a majority of the coaches agree then the measure will be sent to the Awards Committee for further consideration.


All-American Award Proposal


Mark noted that the changes as discussed on the last call had passed at the recently concluded board meeting. Going forward the All-American and All-Region teams in all divisions will go from 12 to 14 members. The AVCA will no longer pay for First Team All-Americans to fly to the convention. However, the AVCA will still pay for lodging, on-site transportation, per-diem, etc. Go forward flights will be the responsibility of the schools.


AVCA Update


Todd Hamilton noted that the AVCA Board of Directors had concluded their spring meeting the day before. The Board discussed numerous topics and voted on a number of measures during the meeting. These included:


*Signing a three-year contract with the JVDA. For more information, see the next item in At the Net.

* Approving the 2008-2009 operating budget, which included adjusting the high school and club dues starting July 1, 2008.

* Increasing the number of All-America and All-Region selections from 12 to 14 per team for each division.

* Deciding that, due to the enhancement of the All-America and All-Region programs, Division I First-Team airfare will need to be provided by the schools.

* Voting to amend the section of the bylaws regarding the annual meeting to allow staff the discretion whether to hold a separate annual meeting at the convention, or to present aspects of the annual meeting during portions of other sessions or meetings at the convention.



Mark thanked everyone for participating and the meeting adjourned at 12:38 p.m. (EDT)


The next conference call will be held on August 6, 2008 at 11:30 a.m. There will be email updates throughout the summer.


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