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Sand Volleyball Coaches Committee

Monday, August 27, 2012

Call started at 7 p.m. ET, 4 p.m. PT

Committee Members Present: Nina Matthies (Chair), Anna Collier, Steve Loeswick, Jason Kepner, Danalee Corso

AVCA staff: Kathy DeBoer, Ashley Beil  Minutes transcribed by Kathy DeBoer

 I .           Update on numbers of new teams in 2012-13

  • Seven new schools have already listed Sand VB on their Sports Sponsorship List - FIU, U of Louisiana/Monroe, Georgia State, Grand Canyon University (DII), Cal State Bakersfield, Santa Clara and Cal-Berkeley, bringing total currently to 22
  • Other possibilities for 12-13: Coastal Carolina, Santa Barbara (Kathy Gregory said not this year) UC Riverside (Ron Larson also was skeptical about 12-13), Stanford, U of P, St. Mary's College of California, U. of San Francisco, Sac State, Fresno State, San Jose State, UCLA, Arizona, and Arizona State.

II.            Format for 2013 Championship:  on the last call the committee decided to 1. expand the number of participants in the championship field w/ the number based on total participating institutions; 2. keep the championship at three days for cost containment, and 3.  avoid having student-athletes play more than three matches per day. 

  • A. Danalee Corso suggested the following format:
  • 1. Increase the Team Championship from 4 to 6 schools; play a modified double elimination format with two winner rounds and one loser round on Friday, remaining four play on Saturday for the national championship in sudden death bracket.
  • 2. Pairs Championship: committee picks the best 10 ‘best of the rest' pairs, and divides them into two pools of five. Pool play is Friday and Saturday with each pair playing two matches/day. The top two finishers advance to Sunday's pair championship where they are joined by 10 pairs from the team championship schools who get into the pairs championship automatically; the top two teams from the final four (8) and the top team from the other two (2).
  • a. The #1 pair from the team champion and runner-up get first round byes.
  • b. The other pairs are seeded into the bracket based on their finish in matches played to that point. (this discourages forfeiting in the team championship as the matches will count for seeding into the pairs championship)
  • c. This leaves the possibility a pair could play four matches on Sunday.
  • B. Jason Kepner suggested a slightly different format for selecting the participants in the pairs championship, and expanding the ‘best of the rest' at-large number from 10 to 12:
  • 1. 24 Team Pairs Championship

                                                Friday and Saturday: 12 At large teams play in 2 six team pools

Match 1 1 vs. 2*

Match 2 4 vs. 5*

Match 3 3 vs. 6*

Match 4 4 vs. 1*

Match 5 5 vs. 3*

Match 6 6 vs. 2*

Match 7 1 vs. 5*

Match 8 2 vs. 3*

Match 9 6 vs. 4* Last match on Day one.  Everyone plays 3 matches

Match 10 2 vs. 5* First match on Day Two.  Everyone playes 2 matches

Match 11 3 vs. 4*

Match 12 6 vs. 1*

Match 13 2 vs. 4*

Match 14 3 vs. 1*

Match 15 5 vs. 6*  Top Two finishers advance (4)

  • 2. 1st and 2nd place finishers from Team Championship get automatic bid to Sunday single-elimination event and all #1 teams from other 4 schools (8).
  • 3. 3rd and 4th place finishers, who only played once on Saturday, have a play-in Match
  • 4. 2nd place teams from schools in Team Championship who finish 3rd and 4th play crossover match vs 4rd place finishers from pool play. (2)
  • 5. 2nd place teams from schools in Team Championship who finish 5th and 6th play crossover matches vs 3rd place finishers from pool play. (2)
  • 6. 16 team single-elimination bracket on Sunday meaning winner play four matches

8 teams guaranteed from Team Championship.  Chance for 8 teams from best-of-the-rest pool

  • C. Both of these formats improve on last year by:
  • 1. Every school in team event gets minimum three days of play (if you count the #1 team plays Sunday).
  • 2. All in qualifier pairs event play minimum 2 days of play.
  • 3. Nobody has an advantage of resting/scouting.
  • 4. Nobody will forfeit due to seeding rules.
  • 5. We increase the number of schools who can participate in the championship without playing more matches in the three days.

The Committee decided to share these recommendations and wait for final decisions until the number of teams adding programs was more certain.

III.           The committee reviewed the 2013 Bid document and approved its distribution to interested cities, with a Sept 30 due date.

IV.          Statistics: committee members debated whether it made sense to require statistics given the poor participation in year one.  The consensus was that those competing and AVCA should continue to push for statistics.  Records legitimize a sport and without stats Sand VB will suffer.

V.            Next call: first week of October.

The ball ended at 8:05 p.m. ET; 5:05 p.m. PT        

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