TYC HCC Conference Call


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Two-Year College Head Coaches Committee Conference Call

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

                11:30 am ET




Present on Call:

Jim Dietz, Giovanna Melo, Sonny Lewis, Rick Reynolds, Bert Luallen


Call Agenda


AVCA Updates

  • Welcome to the committee, Jenni Hull, from Spokane Falls CC!
  • Registration for 2012 AVCA Spring Conference open is still open.  Please make plans to join us May 3-5 in Los Angeles!


NJCAA Updates

  • Bids were already in for the DI National Championships so Sonny will reach out to the host to see if they would be interested in hosting both the DI & DII or moving it to a location that makes sense to host both groups - depending on the location of the host. 
  • Assuming NJCAA will go to the same substitutions rules change if passed by the NCAA Women's Volleyball Rules Committee.
  • DI only has one redistricting proposal out there as of right now.  Rick will forward to everyone from the DI perspective.  Are there any out there from DII?  Sonny will reach out to his Region Director to make sure his proposal for DII gets uploaded.
  • NJCAA getting own eligibility review center - February issue of the NJCAA Review - begin to charge kids to register for the eligibility center for a "nominal" fee.  Not sure how the voting will go yet.  Rick to try and track down an electronic version of the article to distribute. 


NWAAC Updates

No one present on the call.


CCAA Updates

No one present on the call.


Articles Discussed on Call:


Volleyball rules committee backs increase in substitutions


Volleyball Redistricting Proposals

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