January 22, 2013


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DIII Head Coaches Committee
Meeting Minutes
January 22, 2013


AVCA Update:

The AVCA is going Bi costal for the AVCA Spring Conferences this year. AVCA SC EAST will be held April 26-28 on the campus of MIT in Boston MA, held in conjunction with the NCAA Men's DIII Champ. Spring Conference WEST will be held May 2-4 in Los Angeles, California on the campus of UCLA and at the Westin Los angeles airport.

Both events will feature headliners Al Scates and Mike Hebert. Each conference will focus one day on Hitting Development with on-court sessions from Al Scates and other top coaches, while the other day focuses on Developing a Culture of Success, with classroom sessions from Mike Hebert and others.

Registration is now open for both events.

The AVCA is also now offering a few webinar series. The Camp webinar series presented by Baden will begin Feb 5 with presentations by Anne Kordes, Mike Gawlik, and Don Hardin. Baden is also offering a special promotional discount for the camp volleyballs for AVCA members. Click here to access that promotion. The Recruiting 365 webinar series begins Feb 14 and features presenters Brandon Rosenthal, Kyle Norris, and Shannon Wells. Click here for more information on AVCA Webinars and instructions on how to register.

Sam Lambert's Announcement - Sam is leaving Rhodes College. Feb 4 she will begin as the Mississippi State University's assistant. She is very excited, but is sad she can no longer serve as the AVCA DIII Board Representative.

Kathy DeBoer: Congratulations to Sam and Jenny Hazelwood. You both will make a great team. We appreciate, very much, the work you have done as the DIII representative. The current president has the responsibility to appoint a representative to fill in to complete a term for someone who leaves mid-term. There are still 2 years left on Sam's term. We welcome nominations from a variety of places. We will ask past reps for suggestions. But you, as an HCC leadership group, are people that we want to hear from. Self nominations are welcome. Please let people know if you are nominating them. The AVCA uses this person to be out in the field for us, so that they can give us tasks to help DIII out from an AVCA perspective. Sam, please talk about what your responsibilities are.


  • 2 board meetings a year (December and May)
  • o Put together a Board Report for these
  • o Let the Board know how you are serving your constituencies
  • Monthly HCC Calls
  • Utilizing the AVCA to better volleyball at the DIII level
  • Making sure DIII membership is up to date on everything
  • Growing the DIII membership in the AVCA


Marcy Sanders is part of the working group at the DIII level. She is on the call to give us an update about the NCAA Convention.


  • This is not all about a recruiting calendar. Far from proposing legislation. Would be geared towards DIII, not modeled after DI or DII. If we are going to take something away, should add something back.
  • Trying to get in touch with all of the coaching organizations to get their thoughts about the lacrosse article that came out last year about the current youth model and recruiting was too much for the kids. So we want to see if USAV would agree. So we are going to be doing a lot more research on this to discuss at the 2014 Convention to potentially make its way to the 2015 ballot, if there is an issue.

Kathy: Some of the recommendations lacrosse is making is not legal in terms of restricting what athletes can do themselves. How do we build a model that doesn't favor the people who are already favored? I want the conversation to always include lower income kids that don't have a lot of resources to travel with clubs or to college campuses. We are at the edge of losing that population from our sport. I want us to be intentional about not letting that happen.

Sam is going to forward the email about the NCAA Convention so that everyone can look at what was proposed. A few people already mandate sickle cell testing at their institutions.

Awards Update

Sam talked to Hanna Long about awards and discussed who is being voted on for All-Region and then All-American. We may have her on a call in the future. We are going to figure out who from what region is on the awards committee. We will get that on the AVCA website. Hanna is working on making sure that everyone is on the same page, especially new members on the committee, so they all know what needs to get done. She is going to talk to the AVCA about having a conference call prior to the All-Region selection call so that everyone is on the same page. If there are any questions, please email me to pass along to Hanna Long or you can email her directly at Longh@southwestern.edu.

Mass Emails

Mass emails regarding tournaments as we are scheduling for the fall. You can publicize events on the AVCA website. Also people are trying to update DIII email list. With so much turnover there is always a mistake here or there. I don't know the best solution for this. This can be frustrating if it's going to the wrong person or can just be too many emails. Any suggestions for this are welcome.

Most responses stated that the emails were not annoying and was the best way to get the information out there since not everyone checks the AVCA open dates forum for this information. Let's just continue to keep the email list as up to date as possible.

Roll Call Question:

If you have an idea of someone to nominate to be the AVCA DIII representative, please let Sam know. Also, what are you most looking forward to now that school is back in session?



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