SPC Volleyball Announces the Spring Schedule


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SPC Volleyball Announces the Spring Schedule

With "winter" coming to an end in Florida, volleyball heads to the beach.  St. Petersburg College Volleyball will play a spring schedule of sand volleyball matches and tournaments from February thru April, mainly on St. Pete Beach. 

"I am excited this year as the Suncoast Conference of the NJCAA got together and planned a series of sand tri-matches as a spring scrimmage schedule" said Coach White.  "We wanted to bring more meaning to our spring activities and to be more in line with what the NCAA is doing."

The NCAA added Sand Volleyball last year and there are now 30 NCAA schools with a varsity Sand Volleyball programs.  The dual match format in the NCAA requires each team to field 5 teams.  These are then ranked by the coach 1 - 5 and the equally ranked teams play a 2 out of 3 match.  The team that wins the most matches wins the dual match.  "This was used by the NCAA last year and resulted in some very exciting matches and a real sense of a sand team where everyone is pulling for their team mates" remarked Dave Carstenson, a leader in collegiate beach volleyball. 

"We talked with Dave and learned the advantages of this type of match, then developed a schedule for the NJCAA teams in the Suncoast Conference to play.  This will bring some excitement to our spring training." 

The result is the schedule of tri-matches listed below.  As the season progresses, the conference will publicize the results of these matches adding to the significance of the spring season.  In addition to the conference sand tri-matches, SPC will also compete one of the largest collegiate beach volleyball tournament in the country, the "Fiesta on Siesta", April 13th on Siesta Key.




Date: 2/22/2013, Friday

Location: St. Pete Beach, Host: SPC


Date: 03/01/2013

Location: Bradenton, Host:  SCF

Teams:  SCF, PSC, HCC

Date: 3/8/2013 Friday

Location:  Tampa, Host: HCC

Teams: HCC, PSC, SCF

Date: 3/22/2013, Friday

Location: St. Pete Beach, Host: SPC


Date: 04/05/2013, Friday

Location: St. Pete Beach, Host: SPC



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