SVCC Conference Call Minutes


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Sand Volleyball Coaches Committee #6

Monday, January 28, 2013


The Call started at 7:00 p.m. ET; 4:00 p.m. PT

Committee Members Present: Anna Collier (USC), Jason Kepner (Col. of Charleston), Steve Loeswick (UNF), Danalee Corso (FSU)  Absent: Nina Matthies (Pepperdine)

AVCA Staff:  Kathy DeBoer (ED), Ashley Beil (CMO)  Kathy DeBoer transcribed the minutes


The call began with several clarifications of NCAA Rules:

            1. ByLaw, regulating minimum contests is stated below:

 (a) Not less than three of the minimum eight contests shall be dual, one-day competitions in which five two-person teams compete (institution versus institution on a single day on which no other competition occurs);

            The requirement that no competition other than a single dual match takes place on three playing dates is giving institutions difficulty.  The short duration of a single dual (25-35 minutes per team) and the desired to make maximum use of playing opportunities and travel money makes this rule a drawback rather than the safeguard against a ‘fake' team it was intended to be.  Given the moratorium on legislation currently in place at the NCAA, the rule is as it states for the 2013 season.

            Kathy DeBoer and TJ Meagher will communicate with Jim Curry at FSU and Stephanie Castera at the NCAA and see if there is any possibilities for a blanket waiver of this legislation for schools who compete in more than 8 contests on not less than 5 playing dates.  Coaches should not plan on this waiver at this point but set their 2013 schedules to comply with the current rule.

            2.  Nonchampionship season competition: Coaches are reminded that, as a spring sport, participation in the nonchampionship season counts towards a season of eligibility, differing from indoor women's volleyball regulations. 


The committee revisited the division of bids for the six teams that will be invited to the AVCA Sand VB National Championship. 

                        1 bid will be automatic to the winner of the ASUN Conference as this is their second year to participate in Sand VB as a league

                        2 bids will be awarded to the top two eligible teams in the Southeast

                        2 bids will be awarded to the top two eligible teams in the West

                        1 bid will be awarded to the next best team which could come from either region

                        As the first Midwestern institution to add Sand VB, the University of Nebraska was not placed in a region.  The committee wanted to review the schedule and determine what made the most sense from a competitive stand point. 

Administrators at institutions with varsity programs will receive a Letter of Intent to Participate in the National Championship in March.  Since financial responsibility for funding their team lies with the institution, these letters determine eligibility for championship consideration.    


The Sand VB Selection Committee is at four - Ali Wood Lamberson (USAV), Mark Edrington (LBSU), Sherri Booker (ASUN Conf), and Kathy DeBoer (AVCA).  A fifth committee member and an alternate will be selected by the Sand VB Coaches Committee.  Kathy DeBoer will send out a request for nominees.  Administrators from institutions with Sand VB committee members are not eligible to serve on the Sand VB Selection Committee. 


The AVCA will send out a poll asking all coaches with Sand teams to vote on a Pre-season Top 10.  Coaches may not vote for their own teams and if a coach does not vote their team will not be considered.  While all realize there is little data available at this point in time, the positives of starting an AVCA Sand VB poll outweighed the negatives.


The call concluded at 8:00 p.m. ET; 5 p.m. PT.

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