February 20, 2013


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Minutes



                                                                  Division II HCC Meeting 
                                                                       February 20, 2013
                                                                                1PM ET


Roll Call:

Randi Smart
Kim Habbert
Nicki Bumbpass 
Greg Walker:  NOT PRESENT
Shellane Ogoshi
Kristy Bayer: 
Will Stanton
Ben Briney
Doug Walters
Diane Flick
Melissa Wolter
Mike Stephens
Chuck Waddington
Flip Piontek
Lauren Amundson
Lee Anderson
Gayle Stammer:  NOT PRESENT
Katie O'Brien
Laurie Lokash
Jamie Skadeland
Todd Caughlin
Selina Bynum-Kohn
Chris Catanach
Sarah Smith


I.                   General Welcome, call to order


II.        Reports

A. David Portney

                        1. General AVCA information update


2013 AVCA Spring Conference East/West

Spring Conference goes bicoastal! Registration is now open for the 2013 AVCA Spring Conference East/West events. Spring Conference East is scheduled for April 26-28 on the campus of MIT in conjunction with the NCAA Men's Division III Championship. Spring Conference West is scheduled for May 2-4 on the campus of UCLA and the Westin LA Airport in conjunction with the NCAA Division I-II Men's Championship.


Both Spring Conference events will feature on-court and classroom presentations from our master coaches, Al Scates and Mike Hebert, including an entire day of in-depth analysis on both attacking and program development. Additional sessions will be offered led by renowned coaches from all levels of the game.


Group registration rates are available. More information found here: http://avca.org/2013-sc-east-west/index.cfm



The last webinar in the Recruiting365 webinar series will be held Wed, Feb 27. Ole Miss Assistant Coach Shannon Wells will discuss recruiting at a large event. The three-part Sand webinar series will begin in late March. Visit the webinars page on the AVCA website to register for these and to view past recordings.




            B. Jim

1. AVCA Top 25 Poll

a. Still missing voters in the following conferences:

            Southern Intercollegiate (Selina)

                        -Done, sending to Jim today.


2. Information from the National Volleyball Committee meeting (Amy Reis)

            a. Bylaw 17 - increasing the hourly limit

Will be tough to change but National VB Committee is submitting a proposal to increase total daily hrs to 8 (rationale of life balance by team bonding, less free time to get in trouble, etc.).

-If can do some activities that'll be great instead of doing nothing.

            -Chuck: Change hours to six?  Handle hours differently?

            -A big danger is comparing volleyball to football.

-Kathleen (NCAA): question is whether that applies to just to preseason or all of the time?  If all of the time it affects every sport.

-Kristy:  Basketball doesn't have limitations during holiday break.

-Jim:  Better received if we can come up with a concept that suits multiple sports.

-Jamie:  8 hours is more black and white...would need to be more specific what time would be spent for if changed to six hours.

-Kathleen: Call on March 1st for Coaches Connection, can bring it up here.

            -Chris:  Could be a compliance issue.



b. Feb 15th date - likely will not be approved due to SAAC saying SAs like the 1-on-1 time with their coaches (despite being tough, National VB Committee is proposing to deregulate this as well citing coach's life balance)

                        - SAAC likes the one-on-one time.

     - Lee: Would rather we do the one, two hour team, but not sure if all of the athletes will or not.

     -  Struggling to find time to do individuals because of lack of gym time.

                        - Please spread awareness of February 15th date.


c. Festival years (2014, 2018...) - season will be shortened by 1 week and we will not get start date moved back as that is something that was agreed upon (compromised) in order to get the additional week back to begin with.

                        - Down to 11 weeks.

     - Start discussion on what you'll do that year from a conference schedule standpoint.


d. Protocol change - NCAA VB Rules Committee must do this...send your thoughts to them during the survey period or email a Rules rep anytime (DII members - Bo Pagliasotti, SW Oklahoma State and Carrie Bodkins, Alderson-Broaddus).


-Cannot be changed from a volleyball committee level.

-Need to send them more info in survey.


e. Selection Criteria - there will likely be 5 required but those proposed are not set in stone YET (National VB Committee would select the optional ones they would want to use - the number used (3) and which ones are both up for discussion as well)


  • - Just proposals as of now, but are starting to solidify.
  • - If stays as is, each committee would get to select three additional criteria.
  • - Five: Same as on white paper.
  • - Three options (RPI, Power Index, end of season performance, significant victories, road record, etc.)




3. Information from the NCAA Convention - Division II Proposals

a. Failure of largest proposal due to concerns over eliminating 48-hr limit on official visits.

                          -Plan is to break it up and re-propose it.


b. Tryout rule - Juniors can tryout starting June 15th after their sophomore year (effective June 15th, 2013)...same general principles still apply.



c. Freshmen eligible to play in preseason scrimmage without starting their clock - only incoming freshmen and scrimmage must occur prior to first allowable date of competition (Sept. 5th this fall)



d. Counting a tryout during 8-hr segment...must count against the 2 hrs. of allowable on-court training (coach can coach during this tryout)


                        4. Old topics

a. Length of the season/calendar (Fall Festival) - season WILL be shorter so conferences should start preparing NOW (eliminate a preseason weekend?  Eliminate conf. tourney?  etc.)

b. Bylaw 17 - countable hours, lifting (doesn't count for football) - see above

                                    c. Pre-match protocol - Rules Committee issue (see above)

d. Earned access - Legislative issue - conferences would have to propose/initiate

                        -People waiting to hear from selection criteria.

                        -No automatic qualifiers.


            C. Kathleen Brasfield

1. Update on Summer workouts with strength and conditioning staff (this is a Division II issue not just VB)

                                    -Hoping to have update first week of March.



IV.       Other/New Items

  • 1. Doug: Debate on college coaches also serving as club coaches. Does this apply to Divisions II and III?

-Chuck: Just can't double-dip.  Can't get reimbursed on a recruiting trip to go see a club team/tournament you already coach.

-Either/or situation on club coaching and recruiting, not both.

-Should club coaching be going on at all for college coaches?  A good topic of discussion.


V.        Roll Call - Double check to see if anyone joined late who missed the initial role call


VI.       Next Meeting

  • A. Phone call: Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 12:00pm CST

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