Wednesday, April 3, 2013


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Division I Head Coaches Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (EST)

Call led by Lyndsey Oates, Division I Representative, University of Northern Colorado


1.  Recruiting Task Force Update (Lyndsey Oates/Matt Ginipro)  

Lyndsey reported the NCAA has not yet responded to the college coaches coaching club issue. TJ expects to receive a response this week and that information will be sent to coaches as soon as it is received.

Lyndsey said 24 of the 31 conferences responded to the request for feedback on the recruiting calendar issue. The consensus of the conferences that responded was to keep the recruiting calendar the same as is currently in place. The AVCA sent that feedback to the NCAA and we are waiting on their response.   

The RTF is in waiting mode until the new legislation is officially passed. They will then discuss how to effectively disseminate the new information to the membership and how to educate recruits about any new changes that affect them. Any coach that has an issue they would like the RTF to address should contact Matt Ginipro at


2.  All Region Awards Update (Kathy DeBoer & Kelly Sheffield)

Kelly reviewed proposed changes to the All Region awards process. He said after receiving feedback from many coaches the AVCA felt there was a need to review the process and find a way to take it from being good and make it better. All DI member head coaches will be sent a one page summary document of the proposed changes. The committee was reminded the new process is not yet finalized and the details are still being worked out.


3.  College Prep Combine/New Metrics (Kathy DeBoer)

Kathy explained the College Prep Combine concept to the committee. She reported the AVCA started doing physical performance testing three years ago with the Under Armour All-Americans. The athletes were tested on eight different physical metrics with the goal of developing a database of standardized performance results that could be sorted by age and position. Since that time over 1,000 high school and college athletes have gone through the testing.

In addition, an "Athlete Behavioral Profile" has been added to the combine. This assessment provides information on an athlete's temperament, how they learn and their behavioral characteristics. The combine also includes position specific video snapshots that are part of the athlete's profile.

The goal of the AVCA is to create a searchable database of athletes that includes the volleyball performance index (VPI) test results, athlete behavioral profile (ABP), and the position specific video clips (PVC).  Kathy noted the AVCA is not interested in becoming a recruiting service and this information does not take the place of coaches watching athletes play. The goal is to provide coaches with information so they can make better decisions about the players they recruit.


4.  Marketing Sub-Committee Update (Jaime Gordon)

No report.


5.  AVCA Update (Jason Jones)

Jason reminded the committee that pre-registration for the AVCA Spring Conference will be open until April 10. After that date attendees will need to register onsite. The format of the spring conference has changed this year as there will be a Spring Conference East and Spring Conference West. Spring Conference West is May 2 - 4 on UCLA's campus and will be held in conjunction with the NCAA Men's DI/DII Championship. Spring Conference East is April 26 - 28 on the campus of MIT in Boston and will be held in conjunction with the NCAA Men's DIII Championship. Both events will feature Al Scates and Mike Hebert as keynote speakers. More information can be found by clicking here.

Nominations for the Grant Burger Media Award are now being accepted. This award recognizes media members who have been involved in the advancement of volleyball through consistent media coverage. The deadline for nominations is 5 p.m. ET on Monday, April 29. For more information or to submit a nomination please click here.

The nomination period for the 2013 AVCA Hall of Fame class is now open. Nominees can be a coach/educator, administrator or an organization. The AVCA wants to recognize and honor the best in our sport so coaches are encouraged to submit a nomination for anyone they feel is deserving. For more information please click here.


6.  New Business

Rob Beam discussed the rule in place for men's and women's basketball that coaches can work with their players for 8 hours per week for 10 weeks over the summer. Rob suggested that volleyball should seek to have this rule implemented as well. It was noted that any legislative proposals must be sponsored by a conference. The committee members were asked to gather feedback from their administrators and other conference coaches to determine if this change would have widespread support.

Kathy also requested that committee members who are having the summer practice time discussion to also get feedback on the possibility of having a post season NIT tournament for volleyball. This would be an additional post season opportunity for teams that didn't make the NCAA tournament. It was mentioned that both money and a facility conflict with basketball could be potential problems.


7.  Next committee call Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 11:30 a.m. ET

8.  Roll Call                                                               

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