April 9, 2013


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Division III Head Coaches Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

11 a.m. - Noon (EST)

Call led by Tammy Swearingen, Division III Representative, Westminster College


Present: Jason Jones (AVCA), Tammy Swearingen (Chair), Shelley Bauder, Jon Bennett, Arianna Dolock, Joshua Edmed, Sheila Gisbrecht, Nicole Hess,  Jill Jolliff, Alexa Keckler, Kim Kelly, Monica McDonald, Becky Schmidt, Bridget Sheehan, Eddie Stawinski, Alesia Vacari, Dorothy Webb, Mari Winter, DeAnn Woodin, Bridget Yates, Deb Zellers


1. Roll Call Question (Tammy Swearingen)  

What do you like best about your non-traditional season and what you are doing differently that you haven't done in the past?


2. AVCA Update (Jason Jones)

Jason reminded the committee that pre-registration for the AVCA Spring Conference will be open until April 10. After that date attendees will need to register onsite. The format of the spring conference has changed this year as there will be a Spring Conference East and Spring Conference West. Spring Conference West is May 2 - 4 on UCLA's campus and will be held in conjunction with the NCAA Men's DI/DII Championship. Spring Conference East is April 26 - 28 on the campus of MIT in Boston and will be held in conjunction with the NCAA Men's DIII Championship. Both events will feature Al Scates and Mike Hebert as keynote speakers. More information can be found by clicking here.


Nominations for the Grant Burger Media Award are now being accepted. This award recognizes media members who have been involved in the advancement of volleyball through consistent media coverage. The deadline for nominations is 5 p.m. ET on Monday, April 29. For more information or to submit a nomination please click here.


The nomination period for the 2013 AVCA Hall of Fame class is now open. Nominees can be a coach/educator, administrator or an organization. The AVCA wants to recognize and honor the best in our sport so coaches are encouraged to submit a nomination for anyone they feel is deserving. For more information please click here.


3. Beyond Study Abroad (Grant Leslie)

Monica discussed her involvement with Beyond Study Abroad and mentioned she will be taking her team to Costa Rica in 2014 using this company. She noted the model used is different from other companies particularly with the experience student-athletes get from the trip.


Grant discussed the company and said there are three different programs available:


  • 1) Study Abroad - This includes a month long class where students take Spanish and other classes four hours in the morning and do athletic training in the afternoons. Students also participate in service learning programs in the community several days during their trip. In addition, each weekend there are group and individual activities planned to the beach, volcanoes, and rainforest. Cost is $3,995 including academic class credit and home stay.
  • 2) 10 Day Tour - This is for student-athletes that don't want to take the class. The tour includes the community service and competition/training component as well as the area trips to the beach, volcanoes and rainforest. Cost is $1,795. Some student-athletes will combine the study abroad program with the 10 day tour for a combined cost of $4,995 including a discount.
  • 3) Team Trips - Includes all of the components of the 10 day tour except the trip is done as a team. Each team has the option of doing excursions as well. Most teams do an 8 day/7 night trip. Cost is $1,000 - $1,200 per person but cost depends on excursions selected, how many days the trip will last and the total number of people. Grant noted the competition from the local teams is outstanding and most teams can give DIII schools good competition. Teams do have the option to take a class while there and kids can get academic credit.


Anyone with questions or needs additional information can contact Grant at grant@beyondstudyabroad.com.


4. Old Business (Tammy Swearingen)

Tammy discussed the stat software programs being used by DIII conferences and schools. She noted the NCAA mandates the home team provide stats for both teams at the end of the match so she requested feedback from the committee on how that was being handled. The stat software mentioned being used was Stat Crew, Volleyball Ace, Rotate 123 and iStatVolleyball.  No one is currently using electronic score sheets although some men's volleyball teams are using them.


The committee then discussed the accuracy of match stats and challenges associated with finding staff that can take stats correctly. Tammy noted she watches the film to verify the accuracy of the match stats before submitting. It was mentioned that sports management majors could be candidates to take match stats.


Tammy encouraged coaches to e-mail her if they have any suggestions on how to make this process better. 


5. New Business (Tammy Swearingen)

Spalding University (Bridget Yates) in Louisville is interested in starting a men's volleyball program but has concerns over the ability to find opponents. Jon noted that he coached the men's and women's team at Mount St. Joseph for two years and that travel was the biggest challenge. He also recommended hiring a separate coach for the men's and women's programs as the workload was difficult to manage doing both. He suggested contacting the athletic director at Carthage College for additional information.


Call adjourned at 11:50 a.m. ET.


6. Next committee call Wednesday, May 14, 2013 at 11 a.m. ET



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