April 9, 2013


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AVCA Assistant Coaches Committee Call

11:00 a.m. CST - Tuesday, April 9

I.                     Guest Speaker: Lauren Belisle, Assistant Director of Marketing at Iowa State

Topic: Building a Fan Base and Marketing Volleyball Matches

  • Successful marketing techniques using a small budget
  • o Use other sports - PAs, video board, email blasts to loyal fans, make a weekend out of the football game or other major event
  • o Host a Community Night - At Iowa St., they use the chamber of commerce to purchase a mailing list to local companies
  • o Do Special Events - autograph sessions, Saturday skills clinic for kids w/ free ticket (122 kids a one clinic)
  • o Host a High School Night - work with compliance for free admission (1500 kids); students get free tickets while parents pay; students must sign in
  • o Bring a friend promotion - give a free ticket to friend; added benefit to season ticket holders
  • o Have coaches speak directly to fans and business owners in the community
  • Student Marketing
  • o free ticket section w/ t-shirt included
  • o free Subway and pizza for first X amount of students
  • o Iowa St does not email students very often in order to avoid clutter
  • o General focus on the Big matches
  • o Use campus groups for halftime activities
  • o Use interns to survey students as to why they attend
  • o Place flyers and A-frames on campus to show time of games
  • Social Media
  • o Sports specific accounts run by SIDs and general accounts ran by marketing office
  • o Caption contest on facebook,
  • o Anything to keep fans to "like" or "share" a photo in order to push up timelines of friends
  • o Create an event on facebook; check "yes" to the attend and they are automatically included in the promotion
  • Student Athlete promotion
  • o Hand out flyers on campus and at other large events
  • o Hand delivering season tickets to fans
  • o Hand write "thank you" notes to season ticket holders


  • Access to student emails? Ticket office gets them for registrar. In situations where emails are not available, use giveaways to gain contacts
  • Do other sports do "thank you" notes? No, but football did a "thank-a-thon" during a day after the season; players personally called season ticket holders
  • What are Lauren's favorite methods? Personal touch from athletes and coaches; better response from fans; social media posts; rewarding the current fans; frequent fan card - fans get punches and as cards get turned in, they are entered into a prize pool - ok with compliance because its random and available to all fans;
  • How do you gain value for free matches? Do something special at certain promotion nights - tours, giveaways, coach pregame speech
  • Marketing online matches (web based digital viewing)? Social media because it free; Lauren not very experienced to this; interactive with online viewer? Other opportunities?


II.             AVCA Announcements - Brad Wilson


  • 2013 AVCA Spring Conference East/West

Pre-Registration is closing tomorrow for the 2013 AVCA Spring Conference East/West events.  Can sign up at the event. Spring Conference East is scheduled for April 26-28 on the campus of MIT in conjunction with the NCAA Men's Division III Championship. Spring Conference West is scheduled for May 2-4 on the campus of UCLA and the Westin LA Airport in conjunction with the NCAA Division I-II Men's Championship.


Both Spring Conference events will feature on-court and classroom presentations from our master coaches, Al Scates and Mike Hebert, including an entire day of in-depth analysis on both attacking and program development. Additional sessions will be offered led by renowned coaches from all levels of the game.

Wednesday, April 10 is the FINAL DAY to register for both 2013 AVCA Spring Conference East and West. After that date attendees will need to register onsite.

  • 2013 AVCA Webinars

Sign up now for the new webinar series presented by the AVCA: Recruiting Series, Camp Series or Sand Series. http://www.avca.org/education-resources/coaching-education/webinars/

Final 2013 Sand Series webinar will be on Wednesday, April 17th at 3pm EST. "Efficiency of Movement on the Sand: Teaching Players to Compete at an Elite Level" Dane Selznick, Westside Warriors VBC
Previous webinars and presentations can be found on the same link.


  • Nominations for the Grant Burger Media Award are now being accepted. This award recognizes media members who have been involved in the advancement of volleyball through consistent media coverage. The deadline for nominations is 5 p.m. ET on Monday, April 29. For more information or to submit a nomination please click here.


  • The nomination period for the 2013 AVCA Hall of Fame class is now open. Nominees can be a coach/educator, administrator or an organization. The AVCA wants to recognize and honor the best in our sport so coaches are encouraged to submit a nomination for anyone they feel is deserving. For more information please click here.


III.                  Legislative Sub-Committee (Shannon/Nicole)

  • Randy Raft from Northern Kentucky
  • § Suspended proposals (this was read quickly and I didn't get all of it)
  • (missed the first one)
  • Elimination of restriction on printed and audio materials
  • § To be reconsidered by the board
  • Prohibits in-person scouting of opponents (can do at tournament but not at other campuses)
  • Unlimited phone calls and texting
  • Can override, amend, or reject
  • § Much of this is based on football problems. Use the NCAA website to understand the rules better
  • o NCAA committee
  • § Information can be found on other attached document and on the NCAA website
  • § Know your members
  • § Use link to understand rules, how to submit changes, see committee minutes, apply to be a member
  • Libero jersey rules as an example
  • Question: Designs on the jersey not permitted? Need clarification. Use the contact info for rules editor listed a bottom of slides to get clarification


IV.                  Update on Coaching Club Q&A, Future Recruiting Calendar, Committee Phone List - Tracy

  • Still in process of forming Q&A ambiguities; working with other sports as well
  • Should be resolved soon
  • Recruiting calendar
  • o NCAA knows that coaches want to keep the calendar as it is


V.             Next Call: Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 @ 11:00 am CST

  • Not Present on the Call - 2 Year College, Atlantic 10, Colonial, Conference USA, Div III, Horizon League, Ivy League, NAIA, Pac-12, Southwestern, Sunbelt

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