May 16, 2013


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Minutes



                                                                  Division II HCC Meeting 
                                                                       May 15, 2013                                                                                                                                                

Roll Call:

Randi Smart
Kim Habbert:  Not present
Nicki Bumbpass:  Not present  
Greg Walker
Shellane Ogoshi
Kristy Bayer 
Will Stanton
Ben Briney
Doug Walters
Diane Flick
Melissa Wolter
Mike Stephens:  Not present
Chuck Waddington
Flip Piontek
Lauren Amundson
Lee Anderson:  Not present
Gayle Stammer
Katie O'Brien
Laurie Lokash
Jamie Skadeland
Todd Caughlin:  Not present
Selina Bynum-Kohn
Chris Catanach: Chris Catanach
Sarah Smith


I.             General Welcome, call to order


II.            Roll Call


III.          Reports



The AVCA Team Academic Award nomination period opens on June 3rd and will run until June 28th.  Just a heads up, when you nominate you will need each player's semester or quarter GPA's throughout the entire academic year in addition to the overall team GPA.  Eligible teams maintain at least a 3.30 cumulative team grade-point average on a 4.0 scale, a 4.10 cumulative team GPA on a 5.0 scale or an 82 on a 100 point scale.


Hall of Fame nominations are open until this Friday, so this is your last call to get those nominations in:


The results are now available from our College Prep Combine in Louisville last month.  This is a great tool for coaches who weren't able to attend in person, but can still look at a recruit's numbers including video of their performance.  If you'd like to see the results I'll include in the minutes the website and log-in information.

User Name:

Password : avcavpi




            B. Jim

                        1. Report from the Board of Directors meeting (May 8-10)

                                    a. Concerns over the 2013 (Seattle) and 2014 (Oklahoma City) conventions

b. Discussion about the Convention and the potential of pulling away from the DI Final site - moving to Las Vegas for example (early January)

            Board gives AVCA authority to explore other possibilities.

c. Shared Championships - will discuss below

d. Working on membership at the JO and HS level - membership packages for JO, HS and college levels

Trying to grow membership.  What is the hook to get the juniors and high school coaches involved with the AVCA?

            Can purchase package for multiple coaches in one school.

e. Seattle

                                                Keep promoting it to all of your peers!

2. Sports Club legislation

Here is latest interp related to club/institutional expense and recruiting from Natasha Oakes with the governance staff:

"My apologies for the delayed response regarding your question with the local sports club. I was out of the office on May 1 and am in the process of getting caught up on messages. We actually had this issue come up with our championships liaison as well. The legislation that is in place in Division I is the same as in Division II. The reason why an institution's coach is not able to conduct recruiting activities on behalf of their institution when they are receiving expenses from a local sports club is an outside group may not fund the recruitment of a prospect. The institution must solely be responsible for recruitment funds under DII Bylaw 13.14.4. If a coach is being paid by a local sports club and is serving in a capacity for the club, the coach cannot in turn engage in recruiting activities for his/her institution while serving in the local sports club role. Additionally, if a coach is receiving recruiting expenses from his/her institution, the coach cannot also engage in activities on behalf of the local sports club because that would trigger sponsorship of a local sports club by an institution, which is not permissible under DII Bylaw

I have included the reference bylaws below. I hope this helps. Thank you! Natasha " -Institutional Sponsorship of Local Sports Club. Neither an institution's athletics department nor an institution's athletics booster group may sponsor a local sports club that includes prospective student-athletes. It is permissible for a department of the institution that operates independent of the athletics department (e.g., physical education department, recreation department) to sponsor a local sports club that includes prospective student-athletes, provided no athletics department staff member is involved with
of the institution that operates independent of the athletics department (e.g., physical education department, recreation department) to sponsor a local sports club that includes prospective student-athletes, provided no athletics department staff member is involved with the club team. (Adopted: 1/16/93, Revised: 1/11/94)

13.14.4 -Slush Funds. An institution shall not permit any outside organization, agency or group of individuals to use, administer or expend funds for recruiting prospective student-athletes, including the transportation and entertainment of, and the giving of gifts or services to, prospective student-athletes or their relatives, legal guardian(s) or friends.

DII is same as Division I as far as the guidelines sponsoring clubs.  DI presented piece to NCAA that asked a lot of situational questions they have yet to hear back from.

A juniors coach cannot attend an event in a dual capacity.

Chuck:  Spoke with Kathleen.  What is the difference between recruiting and evaluation?  If just in an evaluation capacity, can that circumvent some of this legislation?

Doug:  Looked into that as well.  The By-laws based on funding of the coach at the event, so it can depend if you're on the club's dime or the university's dime.  What if the coach is on his or her dime?  There has been no clear answer there.

Who will police this?

Jim:  Everything is self-policed, and this will be no different.  Many DI coaches have stopped doing both after the interpretation came out.


Flip:  Has anyone addressed student-athletes being club coaches?  Could be a problem down the road.



                          3.  Hours legislation

NCAA not willing to provide a general sweeping statement about what is or is not allowable from a team building and gathering standpoint, which is what DII would like to have more clarity as coaches feel their needs to be better communication explaining the rules to the coaches.

It's leaving everything up for interpretation, which will probably result in coaches doing everything differently and gives compliance more room to interpret.

Odds of increasing hours are not really good, but leniency towards the rules will help.


                          4.  Life in the Balance - looking at eliminating the Feb. 15th date.

     -Jim:  Our rationale is that doing this doesn't increase hours, just allows flexibility on how to use the 2 hours of on-court training based on the program's needs or restrictions.

     (Two hours is two hours, up to coaches how you want to spend your time)

     -Diane:  If the FARs are concerned, it's interesting they are the body that was listened to because they're never in the gym.

     -Jim:  As of right now there's not much to do.  We want flexibility of how coaches spend time either individually or with the team but it doesn't look like we have much traction to change this legislation for now.  We will keep discussing and working on it


                          5.  Preseason Discretionary Exemptions

-Spring confused with fall.  It's easy to burn an entire preseason on playing a handful of matches on one day.

-Flip:  Compliance has allowed me three different preseason matches.  Will change limitations to three dates instead of three matches.

-Jim:  Trying to get an interpretation from the NCAA.


Other coaches seem to understand it's just the date, and not the number of matches.

Jim:  Need clarity on whether it is a date of competition or a scrimmage, and hopefully we get it before preseason starts.  We need to make sure all coaches understand that schools are still under preseason hourly rule if they conduct a preseason scrimmage before they start school.  Still must limit to a  three hour segment followed by a three hour break.  Will contact Ryan from NCAA to get an interpretation for schools that have started already.



6. Request for bids for National Championships - memo was sent out on May 2 to all Conference Commissioners, Athletic Directors and SWAs (


            C. Sub-Committee report on shared championship with Division I (Sarah, Ben, Chuck, Kristy)

Chuck:  Spoke with Kathleen who spoke with Roberta, and she was all for it.  No objection from championships committee.  Best thing to do is start conversation with DI committee.  Need to talk to NCAA DII Volleyball Committee to make sure we're all on board.  Also reach out to DIII to see if they want a part of that as well.  The only thing to keep in mind is to avoid festival years.  I reached out to a friend of mine who's a basketball coach and that coach said it was exciting to play in the same venue.  Thought it was a big success to not charge for fan attendance.  They gave same per diem to DII championship teams as DI. 

                        Jim:  This year in DII Bball was a special circumstance and not a re-occurring deal.  Basketball and volleyball don't drive in the same revenue.  Plus, will the NCAA consider adding cost to the championship when they are trying to reduce it?  For DIII, a negative could be the extension of the season.  Can we convince DI to reduce the season by a week (Kathy DeBoer is starting this conversation for DI)?  Volleyball should be able to play in the same venue as DI, but practice times could be an issue.  I'll reach out to Kristen Fassbender from the NCAA to get some feedback on how to start the conversation.

                        -Good resource to talk to is men's lacrosse because they've always had all three divisions compete in the one national championship.  Ben Briney will follow-up with them

Any other major concerns?  Does it lessen appeal for the DII Nationals host since they lose the championship match?


D. Kathleen Brasfield


IV.       Other/New Items


V.        Roll Call - double check to see if anyone joined late who missed the initial role call


VI.       Next Meeting

  • A. Phone call: Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 12:00pm CST

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