April 2012


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Monthly Conference Call  

Meeting Agenda


I. Welcome - Christy Clawson, HCC Chair (cclawson@txwes.edu)




II. Welcome New Members - none at this time


Still Open: 


 Assistant Coach Representative


 Independent Institutions


 California Pacific Conference


 The Sun Conference


 Kentucky Intercollegiate Conference




III. AVCA Updates - Jackson Silvanik, (jackson.silvanik@avca.org)


A. General updates.


B. AVCA Board Update


Spring Conference: Our program is very strong including Al Scates, Marv Dunphy, Karch Kiraly, Bill Ferguson, Mike Sealy, Mike Haley, Mark Pavlik and Arnie Ball.  Thanks much to BoD members Anne Kordes, Kevin Hambly, Rick Reynolds and Cecile Reynaud for contributing their expertise also.  Our registration numbers are ahead of 2011 so we anticipate another good event.       


AVCA Financials: Much of the convention revenue and expense has been recorded.  While we continue to be concerned at our dependence on the convention for revenue, we are also pleased that this area of our organization continues to thrive. 


NCAA DI Women's VB Committee: Anne Kordes, Rob Patrick, Kevin Hambly and I spent almost three hours with the DI Committee and NCAA VB Championship staff on Thursday, Feb. 16.  We discussed with them adding more tools to the selection process, specifically, we asked them to consider evaluating whether the Pablo Rankings and the AVCA Poll should be considered in addition to the RPI and the team sheets currently used to make selections. 


NCAA Convention DIII Legislative Update: Division III is now allowed to text prospects.  This is effective immediately.


NCAA Men's DIII Championship: the inaugural event will be held April 27-29 at Springfield College right down the road from the place where volleyball was invented.  The bracket will include nine teams, composed of six automatic qualifiers and three at large selections.  A play-in will take place on April 21 with the winner, along with the seven other teams advancing to Springfield College.    


Collegiate Sand VB: the first season for this NCAA Emerging Sport begins this weekend with Florida State playing at the University of Alabama/Birmingham. 15 schools, 5 in the west and 10 in the southeast, have declared their intent to field a varsity program.  The AVCA has partnered with Gulf Shores, Alabama and the USAV Region there to host the first National Championship on April 27-29.  Similar to the Molten Men's DIII Championship, we will be involved until there are a sufficient number of teams (40) for the NCAA to consider a championship.    


AVCA College Volleyball Showcase: Board member Sandy Vong has brought us a potential opportunity for 2012 for the college event. Bayi, an elite club team from China, is considering a U.S. tour in late August and early September.  They want to play the best college teams in California.  The AVCA made contact with UCLA, USC, Cal and Stanford from the Pac 12 and Pepperdine from the WCC.  All have tentatively agreed to play the Bayi team.  We also contacted the Pac 12 Network which will launch this fall and there is a possibility they will broadcast the matches with Pac 12 teams.  While this opportunity does not have financial ramifications, either good or bad, for the AVCA, it is ‘on mission' for our organization and something the Executive Committee has authorized the staff to pursue. Many details still need to come together, but early indications are encouraging from China and the Pac 12.       


NCAA Rules: the rules committee recommended that the number of substitutions allowed in a 25 point set be increased from 12 to 15.  This has been approved by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel and will be in effect for next season.    




High School Affiliate Partners: Illinois had their largest clinic to date on Saturday, January 25 with over 200 coaches and 8 vendors in attendance.  South Dakota and Massachusetts host events in March. The staff is in the process of evaluating the 14 affiliate partner relationships as some models are working better than others.  While our high school membership continues to climb, the growth is very slow and we feel that we still suffer from a significant lack of brand awareness in this community. In January we paid a media aggregator called MeltWater Press to give us a read on mentions of AVCA programs from July to December of 2011.  We found that our Awards programs garnered over 230 million mentions in various media and information outlets, i.e. newspapers, websites, community pages, etc.  We are exploring ways to capitalize on this knowledge and build new opportunities for the AVCA with the high school marketplace.


Thirty under 30: this four-year old awards program designed to highlight quality young coaches continues to gain in popularity.  This year we had over 120 nominations.  Criticism is one of the markers we have for gauging the importance of a program to our membership, and it also gives us ideas for refinement of our selection processes.  On both counts, we can see that the importance of ‘winning this award' is going up.                       




IV. NAIA Update - Jamie Adams, Manager of Championship Sports (JAdams@naia.org


A. General updates - 




V. Committee Updates:


A. Recognition Committee - Stew McDole


B. Competition Committee - Mike Gibson 


C. Membership - Christy Clawson http://www.avca.org/membership/


 As 2012 Fall season rolls around start checking your conferences for membership.


D. Sand Volleyball - Christy Clawson  http://www.avca.org/sand/




VI. Other Constituency Updates:


A. Men's Programs - John Yehling


B. Assistant Coaches - TBA


C. Conferences - Any Committee Members


 NAIA Showcase @ LSC w/ NAIA collateral - Christy


 NAIA collateral for Qualifiers @ Show Me - Stew




VII. Committee Chair General Report - Christy Clawson (cclawson@txwes.edu)


A. AVCA Spring Convention - May 3-5, 2012


a. Don't miss out on your chance to save on your registration for the 2012 AVCA Spring Conference presented by ZamstToday is the final day to save 20% on your registration fees!




a.  Please stay active with your own conference members, encourage and foster AVCA membership among coaches as well as involvement to submit video tips of the week and articles to AVCA. 


b. Help us reach our goal of raising $1,010 by October 10 to help provide eight young coaches the opportunity to jump-start their career and professional development by attending the 2012 AVCA Annual Convention in Louisville, KY! Participate and Win! You can win a free 2012 AVCA Convention registration by donating today! A competition is taking place among each AVCA member category to see which group donates the highest total dollar amount. From that winning group, a donor will be randomly selected to win a complimentary registration to attend the 2012 Convention. Increase your chance of winning by donating and encouraging your colleagues to do the same

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