February 2013


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Monthly Conference Call



Meeting Agenda

•I.        Welcome - Christy Clawson, HCC Chair (cclawson@txwes.edu)


•II.      Welcome New Members

GPAC - Scott Mattera, Concordia University

Still Open:

  • Kentucky Intercollegiate Conference
  • The Sun Conference
  • Assistant coach rep.


•III.    AVCA Updates - Jackson Silvanik, (jackson.silvanik@avca.org)

  • A. General updates
  • B. AVCA Board updates - Kathy DeBore

•IV.    NAIA Update - Jamie Adams, Manager of Championship Sports (JAdams@naia.org)

  • A. General updates/voting results??


•V.      Committee Updates:


•VI.    Other Constituency Updates:

  • A. Men's Programs - John Yehling
  • B. Assistant Coaches - (vacant)
  • C. Conferences - Any Committee Members


•VII.  Committee Chair General Report - Christy Clawson (cclawson@txwes.edu)


  • A.I.I. divides into 2 regions for representation-rational: recognition divided so need to follow with All Conference representation as well as with HCC.
  • i. Waiting to hear back from A.I.I. commissioner as to who will represent the northwest Lindsay Johnson/southwest???
  • Education - video tips of the week, power tips, write article, present at convention or webinar.
  • March meeting Spring Break conflicts optional date changes March 6th?













•VIII.            Roll Call - Christy Clawson-Diver (cclawson@txwes.edu)

  • o Lindsay Johnson(Association of Independent Institutions) o Lindsay Johnson (Association of Independent/NW)

o    Mark Perisi (American Mideast Conference)                                                 o   John Yehling (American Midwest Conference, Men's Rep.)

o    Christy Mooberry (Appalachian Athletic Conference)                                 o    Allen McCreary (California Pacific Conference)

  • o Brian Erminger (Cascade Collegiate Conference) o Natalie Wildes (Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conf.)
  • o Scott Mattera (Great Plaines Athletic Conference) o Kim Norman (Frontier Conference)
  • o Patti Cook (Golden State Athletic Conference) o TBA (Kentucky Intercollegiate Conference)
  • o Sarah Grams (Gulf Coast Athletic Conference) o Caren Kimner (Heart of America Athletic Conference)
  • o Nathalea Stephenson (Kansas Collegiate Conference) o Andria Harshman (Crossroads League Conference)
  • o Samantha Harvey (Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference) o Ryan DeLong (Mid-west Collegiate Conference)
  • o Andy Cavins (Mid-South Conference) o Todd Lowery (Red River Athletic Conference)
  • o Nikke Dieball (Sooner Athletic Conference) o Tori Bartels (Southern States Athletic Conference)
  • o TBA (The Sun Conference) o Todd Humphry (TranSouth Athletic Conference)
  • o Megan Lenhart (Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference) o Stew McDole (Recognition Committee)
  • o Mike Gibson (Competition Committee) o Jackson Silvanik (AVCA Representative)

o    Jamie Adams (NAIA - Volleyball Administrator)                                             o    TBA (Assistant Coach Representative)    

Next NAIA Head Coaches Committee meeting - Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 11:00 AM CST

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