Wednesday, August 9, 2006


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Absent from the call were John Patrick, Jayme Frazier, Trish Knight, Mike Trame, and Patty Harrison

General Update

Sue welcomed everyone to the first call of the season and thanked them for their service on the committee.  She indicated that the primary purpose of the call would be to discuss AVCA membership among Two-Year College Head Coaches.

Sue asked Kathy DeBoer, AVCA executive director, to introduce the other staff on the call.  Kathy introduced Todd Hamilton, assistant executive director, Wendy Payne, director of membership and Jason Jones, director of marketing and education.  She noted that in the future Rick Capone, the new editor of Coaching Volleyball, would be the committee's staff liaison.


The committee turned its attention to the current membership status and new ideas to recruit Two-Year Coaches.  It was noted that we hoped to get a fairly complete list of all NJCAA coaches from the NJCAA office the week after Labor Day.  The NJCAA office would be able to provide a complete list in mid-October. 


It was noted that the AVCA office is able to supply membership brochures and information for anyone who needs it to distribute to their conferences or at coaches meetings.  Staff is also working on a PDF form that AVCA members could print directly off the website to take with them to assist with membership recruitment.


Kanoe Brandy indicated that she would like to do a mailing to the California Community College Women's Volleyball Coaches Association that would include a membership brochure and joint letter to help solicit membership from California coaches.  This was noted as a great way that the AVCA could work the committee to spread the word about the AVCA. 


Kathy discussed the power of the personal appeal in getting new members.  She also discussed the committee's suggestion of using incentives for new members.  It was indicated that we would be looking at possible incentives next year.


Closing Comments

Todd reminded the committee to update their profiles on the website and to encourage their colleagues to do the same.  Sue thanked everyone again for their participation and continued dedication to the AVCA. 

Next conference call will be Wednesday, September 13, at 11:00AM EDT.

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