Wednesday, September 11, 2013


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Division I Head Coaches Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (EST)

Call led by Lyndsey Oates, Division I Representative, University of Northern Colorado


1.  NCAA Volleyball Committee Update (Kristin Fasbender)   

Kristin reported the new chair of the NCAA Volleyball Committee is Jennie Gilbert from Miami University. There are also three new committee members this year. The committee has their first orientation on September 12.

The NCAA just completed a site visit to Seattle and everything seems to be going well for the championships. All 7,000 lower level seats are sold out so tickets are now upper level only.

Kristin asked the HCC for feedback on the tournament selection show timing. One option is the show could be scheduled later in the evening on Sunday (8:30 p.m. or 9 p.m. ET) with a confirmed timeslot. The other option is the show could be held earlier in the afternoon on Sunday but between two basketball games. This could result in the start time moving depending on the ending time of the first basketball game and the show could potentially be shorter depending on how long the first basketball game went. The HCC determined the confirmed starting time later in the evening on Sunday would be preferred.

The regional tournament sites for this year are USC, Kentucky, Illinois and Nebraska. Seattle is the host city for the 2013 championship. The 2014 championship host city is Oklahoma City.  The NCAA currently has an RFP out for 2015, 2016 and 2017 championship host cities. The deadline for submissions is September 16 and the selection announcement will be made in early December.     


2.  Rules Committee Update (Todd Dagenais)

Todd took over as chair of the NCAA Volleyball Rules Committee in September. He mentioned there are two ways for coaches to effect rules. Coaches may submit a proposal for rules changes or they can respond to surveys asking for feedback. He noted all proposals submitted are considered and all feedback is taken into consideration.

Rules changes are done in two year cycles and 2014 will be a rules change year. Todd said a "call for proposals" e-mail will be sent out in mid-September which will be the opportunity for coaches to submit rules change ideas. A survey will then be sent out in late October or early November for coaches to provide feedback on the proposals submitted. The committee will meet in January to discuss all proposals and feedback received.

Todd clarified that the Rules Committee examines playing rules only and does not oversee NCAA legislation (such as recruiting calendar or practice time). Legislative changes would need to go through the normal NCAA legislative process.


3.  Marketing Sub-Committee Update (Jaime Gordon)

Jaime discussed a survey conducted by the NCAA of people attending the championships. The survey showed the mean distance traveled to the championships was over 300 miles, the mean age of attendees was 35 - 50, and the people attending had higher than average income levels.  Based on this information the NCAA is going to expand the marketing radius for the tournament.

The sub-committee wants to put together a host city watch list of schools in the RPI top 30 and AVCA Top 25 poll. This list would be put together in late October and would help potential host schools do some premarketing of tickets for early rounds of the tournament.

Coaches are encouraged to contact Jaime at if they have any issues or questions they would like the sub-committee to discuss.


4.  Recruiting Task Force Update (Matt Ginipro)

No report this month. Please contact Matt with any issues you would like the RTF to address at


5.  Missed Class Policy Feedback (Patrick Nicholas)

Patrick discussed the missed class time policy at his school and mentioned the English department limits missed class time to two classes per semester. This policy has created a difficult situation for student-athletes so he requested feedback from the committee on policies at their schools that he could share with his administration. Patrick is going to work with the AVCA on developing a survey that will be sent to DI head coaches to gather information on missed class time policies.


6.  AVCA Update (Jason Jones)

AVCA Convention registration is now open. The convention will be held December 18 - 22 in Seattle, Washington. Convention hotel blocks are about 50 - 60% full so coaches are encouraged to make their hotel reservations within the next two or three weeks to ensure they get a room in the block. More information on the convention schedule, hotel rates, and registration packages can be found by clicking here

Thank you to all coaches who participated in the Salary & Program Support Survey. Division I participation was about 65%. The AVCA is working on compiling the data now and final results will be sent out to coaches that participated by the end of October. 

Please make sure the schools in your conference are updating match results in the AVCA system.  Results should be input no later than 3 p.m. ET every Sunday to be included in the AVCA Weekly Results document.  If there is a Sunday match that ends after 3PM ET, please make sure all preceding matches are updated.  It is asked that results be entered online after each day/match to keep the information updated. Each AVCA member head coach has been assigned a username and password for the AVCA web site, which is required to record your results. If the SID is responsible for this task, the head coach must provide his/her username and password to the SID.  Reminder: Your conference office is NOT responsible for reporting your scores.  If you have any questions at all please email Dave Portney at

Lyndsey's term as the Division I representative on the AVCA Board of Directors ends on December 31. The nomination period for a new Division I representative will open in October and elections will take place in November. Division I representative is a three year term. Anyone interested in this position is asked to contact Kathy DeBoer at or 859-219-3554 for more information. 

Scholarship applications for the Minority Coaches Workshop at the AVCA Convention are now available by clicking here. These scholarships are funded by a grant from the NCAA and cover the convention registration fee and most travel expenses. Those interested should complete the application by the October 11 deadline.

Applications for the Coaches4Coaches Scholarship are now available. This scholarship is for aspiring coaches who would be attending their first AVCA Convention. The scholarship covers registration fees and travel costs. There will be (8) scholarships available this year. For more information and to download the application please click here.

To help raise money for the Coaches4Coaches Scholarship, AVCA Executive Director Kathy DeBoer is going to rappel down the Lexington Financial Center Building on September 25. However, she will only do it if at least $2,500 is raised for the scholarship fund. At this time we are still about $400 short of reaching our goal. Coaches are encouraged to make a donation so Kathy will jump by clicking here.


7.  Next committee call Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 11:30 a.m. ET


8.  Roll Call                                             

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