September 10, 2013


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DIII Head Coaches Committee Call

September 10, 2013


Present: Kali Andress (AVCA), Tammy Swearingen (Chair), Shelley Bauder, Karen Corey, Sheila Gisbrecht, Jill Joliff, Alexa Keckler, Kim Kelly, Mark Massey, Bridget Sheehan, Alesia Vacari, Deb Zellers, Rose Burke, Ben Somara


I. Roll Call Question: DIII Recruiting Group Document: If there were 3 recruiting concepts that you really like from this that would benefit DIII, please share those with Tammy.

II. AVCA Report:

  • a. What DI coaches have been doing for six years is contacting the high school coach of players that have committed to them, and encouraging that coach to get the player on the All-America Watch List and nominate them for All American. It's a ‘win-win' in that it generates publicity for the high school program that they have a player on the list and the college program once she signs her letter of intent.
  • i. Our goal was to get DIII coaches to encourage the high school coach to recommend these athletes on the watch list. Right now, about 5% of DIII players are nominated for All America and 2% are recognized. On the high school front only .38% are nominated and .12% recognized.Our goal is to get these percentages up and we know there are a lot of quality players going to DIII schools.
  • ii. The August membership promotion has now ended.
  • b. AVCA Convention - Seattle Washington December 18-22. Early bird registration is open until November 1. So, make sure to register before then to take advantage of the discounts. Also, NCAA match tickets are going FAST, so reserve yours today through AVCA Convention registration! This helps you save money on tickets and ensures you're in the AVCA section which is in the lower arena.
  • c. "Please make sure the schools in your conference are updating their results in our system. Results must be input no later than 3 p.m. ET every Monday to be included in the AVCA Weekly Results document. However, it is asked that results be entered online after each day/match to keep the information updated. Each AVCA member head coach has been assigned a username and password for the AVCA web site, which is required to record your results. If the SID is responsible for this task, the head coach must provide his/her username and password to the SID. Reminder: Your conference office is NOT responsible for reporting your scores. If you have any questions at all please email"
  • d. I have accepted another job as a meeting planner here in Lexington. This will be my last week with the AVCA. Ashley Beil will serve as the DIII liaison in the interim until they hire my replacement. She will notify you all when the new staff person is hired with their contact information. Please let me know if you have any questions. It has been a pleasure working with all of you.


III. D-III Recruit Working Group Document (Sent out at the end of our last meeting)

  • a. Shelly - I like number 6. Good since we go to so many qualifiers and we don't want to stay all day and so late. That helps the work/life balance.
  • b. Mica - The recruiting calendar piece I still struggle with since DIII is so limited with budgets. She likes to set her own schedule based on her family and kids.
  • c. On campus evaluations - most people seem to like this
  • d. Don't like the rule of expanding the use of social media. Seems like just another way to bombard potential student athletes. As a compliance director, Tammy finds it extremely hard to enforce. Maybe this is why they are loosening it up a bit since it's so hard to control.
  • e. Signed Letter of Intent? Annie thinks it's a neat thing to add because the recruits really like it. Someone else mentioned that their conference may not be in favor of that. May get tricky with timing of admission.
  • f. Ben thinks we should stay away from the initial eligibility center since we don't work in the summer and you'd have to track people down then. It would be duplicating work that is already done at the admissions center. Mica agrees that it's already hard enough to accomplish all of this before the season. The price is increasing as well.

IV. Scheduling - Tournament Weekends .....are we asking too much of our Athletes?

  • a. Mark has a problem in the west that sometimes they can't get enough matches. I wouldn't want to lose the ability to play four in a weekend because we don't have many of those opportunities.
  • b. Deb thinks it's something we need to continue to look at. This year we are doing two 3-match weekends. I do see it as a benefit with playing 3 versus 4. Didn't have to miss class or missed less class (very strict miss class policy). Don't have to just do Saturday-Sunday tournaments which is a good thing. I do like the 3 match weekend for our student athletes.
  • c. Tammy thinks maybe we could spread the days out if we are doing 4 matches to at least give our athletes more down time in between. It does lengthen the day and maybe adds meals to the budget, but it could benefit the athletes.


The next call will be on Tuesday, October 8 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time.

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