December 18, 2013


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Minutes



                                                 Division II HCC Meeting - November 20, 2013

Roll Call:

Jim Boos - Chair
Christina Lore
Kim Habbert
Nicki Bumpass
Mary Dejute
Leanna Taylor
Kristy Bayer
Will Stanton
Flip Piontek
Doug Walters
Diane Flick
Melissa Wolter
Mike Stephens 
Chuck Waddington
Ben Briney 
Lauren Amundson
Lee Anderson:
Gayle Stammer: 
Katie O'Brien

Laurie Lokash
Jamie Skadeland
Todd Hay
Vernell Capers
Chris Catanach
Sarah Smith

  Division II HCC Meeting
AVCA Convention - Seattle, WA
Wednesday December 18, 2013
WSCC 205
5:30 - 7:00 pm


I. Welcome, thank you for coming, call to order

II. Roll

III. AVCA Liaison Report (Dave)

- Make plans to attend the AVCA Spring Conference in Chicago in May.
- Division II had the highest voter turnout percentage of all three divisions in regards to awards (83%).

IV. Chair Report (Jim)
A. AVCA Board of Directors meeting report from Tuesday
   - Put all info on one spreadsheet and send out instead of annual meeting with limited attendance.
   - AVCA fiscally looking good.
   - For media: Access is key; match attendance is key.
   - Looking to get VPI testing for NCAA Division II - anyone hosting any spring tournaments in the Iowa area? Follow up with NCAA Research Committee.
   - Baden has a new microfiber ball.
B. NCAA selection Criteria
   - Five criteria for all sports: Overall DII in-region winning percentage, Overall DII winning percentage, overall DII strength of schedule (opponents win percentage and opponents opponents win percentage), DII head-to-head competition, results vs. DII common opponents. Option to select no more than three additional criteria:
   - DII Record on the road, DII results vs. teams with a .500 record or better, results vs teams with winning record, in-region DII non-conference won-loss record, in-region strength of schedule, late season performance, performance indicator (PI), RPI, results vs. DII in-region common opponents, results vs. regionally ranked Division II teams (once ranked always ranked is not in effect yet).
   - Kathleen: All eight would be weighted equally in each sport.
   - Hope for everything to be clarified in writing.
   - Majority said PI was first choice, RPI second, results vs. regionally ranked DII opponents, said it was a locked in vote
   - Some liked late season performance but Late season on the road is vague. Record of teams at the time of evaluation.
   - PI is great, but can be manipulated to play teams who you know will get wins in that region.
   - Anything record-oriented needs to be looked at carefully.
Kathleen: The regional model is an on-going discussion. Should always try to play in-region. How do we make regionalization real and accurate.
   - One thing to push forward, there needs to be something in place to make teams play other teams in the best region. Not much room to play other conferences.
   - Against late team performance, should be entire season. Might be better to break down in-region strength of schedule.

C. AVCA Minority Rep is looking for a Division II rep. If you know anyone let Jim or David know.

D. Awards process
   1. Include team overall and regional records.
i. What if it's four losses against the same team? Is it fair to evaluate player based on that?
   2. Include records vs. Regionally ranked and Nationally ranked teams.
   3. Have all numbers symmetrical in each column - show 0's. (.4 vs. .397, .28 vs. .187, etc.)
   4. Column rankings
i. Eliminate them?
ii. Who chooses the ‘priority' categories?
iii. Understanding the impact of those rankings vs. looking at the stats themselves.
   5. Could have bad blood, but regional committees can see and over-rule if necessary.
   - Each conference must be represented in each regional committee.
   - Make regional committee instructions clearer...preseason call?
   - Might not be recognizing kids are really good because could have better options at other positions.
   - Review before ballot voting open.
E. Top-25 Poll voting
   1. Policy on missing
   - Email notifications.
   - Don't want to make the poll later for media purposes.
   2. Discussing the process and the confirmation of voting at the beginning of the year to ensure voters know the process.
   . Summer workouts
   1. Why only Football?
   - Kathleen: Need to find a way to make a fit for volleyball...need to push it. Can sell it as a health and wellness standpoint. Make sure conferences proposes something. The more often legislation is proposed the greater chance of passing.
   - Could get opposition from schools without certified strength and conditioning coaches.
   2. What needs to get done to have this apply to volleyball?
   3. How soon for volleyball?
   G. NCAA Warm-up protocol
   - National Committee been working on pre-match protocol, wanted to let us know they haven't dropped the ball.
   - Changing the wording to how rules are laid out? Division I is very different. Need some flexibility, but they aren't exclusively DII rules.
   - Unless DI coaches want flexibility, it won't change since they make up the majority of the committee.

H. Currently, what is it that we most need Kathleen to communicate with the NCAA on for us?
I. Miscellaneous
1. Combined championships, any pertinent legislation...

V. Other Business
A. Items for discussion
1. 2014 start date (Kathleen)
On festival years it should be okay to ask for a week.
Life in the balance makes it difficult. Majority of institutions voted for that legislation, so it must come from a different perspective. Need to start at the grass roots level.

Combined Championships discussed at all levels piggy-backing off basketball from a year ago. Most of the conversation is about bringing just those final two teams.

Festival at Louisville, Tampa then Sioux Falls. Combined championship might not happen until 2018.

Legislative Committee permitted to recruit internationally and have the club pay for expenses. Not comfortable with school to pay with club coaching.

VI. Reminder of other meetings
A. Next HCC call moved to February.




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