Wednesday, May 10, 2006


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Absent from the call - Trish Knight

Record Book Reinstatement - Bill Kauffman/Sue Sinclair

The AVCA used to produce a record book in '98 - ‘99. Though it can be done inexpensively via pdf and email distribution, the reasons the AVCA discontinued this publication still exist. Low member numbers and difficulty getting schools to submit records affected the legitimacy of the product. The NAIA does produce their own record book. Sue recommended looking at the NCAA/NJCAA templates as a starting point. The committee/AVCA office will explore whether the book could be re-instated and how to address the issue of soliciting and publishing information from schools if their coaches are not AVCA members.

Rick Kern Website - Bill Kauffman is becoming a paid site. The recruiting registry component will remain free. It may be possible for Sue to email 2 Year members with information about the website. The AVCA does not have direct link to from the AVCA website.

Welcome Jane Peterson - Sue Sinclair

Jane will replace John Pangan on the committee.

Approval of Past Minutes - Sue Sinclair

The committee approved the March minutes. There was no call in April.

Tournament Tie Breaker System - Trish Knight

The committee discussed the draft tournament tie-break process. The committee approved an ‘AVCA Recommended' system that will help provide standardized tie-break procedures in the NJCAA, NWAAC, and COA.

Links for various associations on the AVCA page - Sue Sinclair

Committee Representatives will research and produce descriptive terminology that defines Two Year College divisions and differences, as well as links for the webpage.

Membership Drive - Piep van Heuven

Letters for non-members are being prepared now, they will be mailed in August when more coaches and athletic directors are in their office.

Kanoe offered to send AVCA materials out with their CAO mailing in August. Piep asked Kanoe about the possibility of a joint membership package. It may be possible to pursue joint membership options with all Two Year College associations.

Communication/Distribution of information by committee members - Sue Sinclair

Sue asked committee members to consider how to effectively disseminate information coming from committee to coaches in their respective associations, vis-à-vis the Division I HCC model.

New AVCA Legislative Committee - Sue Sinclair

A new AVCA Legislative, T.J. Meagher (Houston) will chair this new committee. The committee is formed to fill the gap left by Sarah Weier, who is no longer serving as AVCA Legislative Consultant. Two representatives will be appointed from the Two Year College ranks. Kanoe Bandy will be one. One representative will be chosen from the NJCAA ranks.

Action Items- Sue Sinclair

Representatives from the committee will forward links to their association records sites
Representatives will research when their associations went to rally scoring
Sue will check with Kathy regarding the record book-membership issues
Representatives will consider effective communication/distribution systems.

Items for Next Call - Sue Sinclair

Membership Drive

Next conference call will be Wednesday, August 9, at 10:00AM CST.

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