Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2006


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Absent: John Pangan, John Patrick

Approval of Minutes - Sue Sinclair

The committee approved the October minutes.

Legislative - Sarah Weier

Sue Sinclair inquired with Sarah about National versus State administered ACT Exams and how it affects a student-athletes ability to meet the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse requirements.

Sarah clarified the concern that exists primarily in Illinois and Colorado; however, new legislation will be eliminating this concern beginning August 1, 2006

Information will be circulated via email to all two year coaches verses posted to the AVCA web since it will be eliminated this coming fall.

Membership Survey - Sue Sinclair

Membership Survey- the committee would like to see a membership survey similar to the NAIA one conducted with two year coaches. The biggest concern is when to conduct the survey considering the number of part time coaches and the turnover that exists in the two year ranks. We will consider conducting the survey more than once. A salary survey could be conducted immediately via the AVCA website. Bill Kaufman will be sending this out.

Tie-Breaker Systems - Sue Sinclair

Tournament Tie Breaker Systems has been a topic for sometime now and we will review on the next call ideas from Trish Knight and Jayme Frazier.

Rick Kern Website - Sue Sinclair

Rich Kern's Website- we would ask everyone to visit Rich's website prior to the next call in order to better understand how it works and the potential for two year coaches to work with him on promotion of their athletes.

Association Descriptions on AVCA Website - Sue Sinclair

A description of all constituency groups for the web has also been a topic for sometime. We would like to develop a template that could be utilized in posting information to the AVCA web (i.e. scholarship opportunities, people served, geographic area...).

Terms of Office - Sue Sinclair

Committee members term of office rotation. Sue will complete this process for approval and posting to the web following the next call.

Next conference call will be Wednesday, March 8, at 10:00AM CST.

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