Wednesday, August 1, 2007


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Roll Call: Absent - Atlantic Coast, Horizon League, Western Athletic and West Coast Conferences

The meeting was called to order at 11:30 a.m. EDT by Chair Beth Launiere.


1. Text Messaging


T.J. Meagher discussed that initiating or responding to text messages from recruits is no longer permissible. The measure also disallows instant messaging of prospects. It is believed that an interpretation or educational article from the NCAA will be forthcoming soon. It was noted that the bylaw was written to mirror the printed recruiting material bylaw. Therefore coaches cannot text message coaches of prospects or anyone directing the activities of the student athlete.


T.J. also noted that the following message had just been distributed by the NCAA:


The NCAA Division I Management Council Administrative Review Subcommittee approved a blanket waiver to permit, for the 2007-08 academic year only, recruited and nonrecruited student-athletes to engage in countable athletically related activities, except for competition, beyond the 14-day and 45-day limits noted in Bylaws and Student-athletes who have requested final amateur certification and who are on the institution's Institutional Request List (IRL) may engage in countable athletically related activities, except for competition, until a final amateurism certification is completed, provided the student-athlete is otherwise eligible to practice (e.g., meets initial-eligibility requirements).

2. Recruiting Task Force


College Coaches Coaching Club


Beth brought up the issue of college coaches coaching club and noted the discussion in the July meeting. She suggested that the committee would revisit this issue starting at the AVCA Convention in December and into the spring.


Recruiting Calendar


Beth noted that USA Volleyball (USAV) is looking at the current qualifier process and the possibility of adding qualifiers. She also mentioned that the JVDA is reviewing the entire process and is expected to make recommendations soon. Since all of this is happening it was noted that we needed to get feedback from our coaches and be ready to have discussions about what coaches want. To that end, the recruiting task force is going to be reactivated over the next few weeks.


3. College Coaches Involvement with USAV Programs


Beth noted that she had a discussion with USAV CEO, Doug Beal about college coach's involvement with USAV programs. Doug indicated that USAV uses nearly 200 coaches in its programs each year. He agreed that guidelines need to be put in place for college coach's involvement with these programs. A small committee is going to be established that will meet with USAV staff to set up a series of guidelines which make the program more fair and equitable.

4. AVCA Business


Todd Hamilton reported that the AVCA Web site would have intermittent service over the next couple of day. The AVCA is moving the site to larger servers that will permit a number of enhancements over the next year.


He also noted that the AVCA Board of Directors election cycle is now under way. He suggested that the two positions related to Division I are the Division I Representative position and the President-Elect position. The election for these positions will occur in early September. Anyone who wants more information about these positions should contact Todd at or 859-226-4205.


Kathy DeBoer noted how important it is for us to have good representation in these positions. It is vital that the association has leadership that is willing to give their ideas on issues and be involved. To that end she also noted that staff is willing to play a significant support role to assist these positions in any way possible relative to their AVCA responsibilities.


Will Engle, AVCA Public Relations Manager, noted that we will be producing a poll after the Showcase this year for the first time. He also noted that we anticipate having an alternate voter in each conference and that the pre-season poll would be distributed on August 14.


Todd mentioned that Leah Brock would be joining the AVCA staff as a sports information coordinator. This will allow the AVCA to do more media generation for the sport than ever before. She will be in place early next week.


Kathy noted that the AVCA had surpassed the 4200 member mark. This is an increase of 1,000 members in the last 13 months. She thanked the coaches and urged them to continue spreading the word about the AVCA.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 p.m. EDT.



The next call will be September 5, 2007.

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