Wednesday, March 7, 2007


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Roll Call: Absent - Mid-Eastern Athletic, Missouri Valley, Mid-Continent and West Coast Conferences

The meeting was called to order at 11:30 a.m. EST by Kathy DeBoer. Kathy noted that Chair Beth Launiere and President Bonnie Kenny would not be able to be on the call today due to unforeseen circumstances.


1. Division I Volleyball Tournament Committee Meeting

On Tuesday, February 20, Bonnie Kenny, Beth Launiere and Kathy DeBoer met with the Division I Tournament Committee in Indianapolis. Kathy noted that she feels that the relationship between the association and the committee is moving in a positive direction.


The notes from this meeting are included as part of these minutes. Some highlights that Kathy pointed out include:


· The area of greatest concern for the committee is the first and second rounds. The attendance numbers were not good for these rounds

· The committee encourages more schools to bid. It was noted that schools can host multiple years in a row. The committee is very short on regional bids.

· There are three new committee members. They are Cindy Gannon, Regina Sullivan and Lauren Tietjen. Kathy urged the DI committee to continue to feed names to the AVCA office of members that the committee would like to see on the tournament committee.


Kathy noted that the committee had provided the AVCA with attendance numbers for each site. Those numbers would be posted soon on


2. CSTV Web cast / Television Package

Kathy recently met with CSTV in their New York offices. Currently the AVCA is in the last year of a five year deal with the network. During the meeting it was noted that CSTV is losing money on volleyball. CBS (CSTV's parent company) is leaning on them to do a better job and to justify why CSTV would put matches into a package that they are not already contracted to show. CSTV indicated that they were enjoying the relationship with the AVCA and the sport. They just want to do more to increase profitability.


Kathy noted that the cost for CSTV to produce a match at a facility is between $30,000 and $35,000. However if CSTV can purchase rights to a match that is already being televised it can substantially reduce costs. (Example - Nebraska Educational Television broadcasts University of Nebraska matches. CSTV in turn pays a small rights fee to NET for the matches. CSTV is then allowed to show quality matches with good crowds for a relatively small expense.)


The AVCA wants to work with CSTV to help them find these types of deals. The committee was asked to help locate schools in which the rights to their matches could be purchased by CSTV. This could provide a good deal of national exposure for teams where this is a possibility. Kathy noted that these would need to be high quality matches and matches with good crowds.


During the meeting, CSTV also indicated that they would be willing to put together a sport specific web cast package. The AVCA is trying to assist them in finding matches that are currently being web cast. They need matches that are using at least three cameras, some type of sound (whether patched into the PA system or a dedicated announcer) and have good crowds. The committee was asked to submit information to the AVCA if they meet these criteria.


3. AVCA Business

Todd Hamilton noted that the AVCA At the Net Newsletter was being reformatted. The content is also going to be much more "newsy." The committee was asked to submit suggestions or articles to Rick Capone at


It was also noted that the invitation to present at the AVCA Annual Convention has been distributed. Members were encouraged to submit suggestions for sessions to Jason Jones at


Kathy noted that AVCA membership was nearing the 3,700 mark and urged the committee to continue spreading word of the AVCA to everyone in the volleyball community.

4. Legislation

Michelle Young noted that coaches need to be very careful about hosting junior tournaments on campus. It was noted that coaches, players and even boosters cannot be involved with running these tournaments. It was suggested that coaches contact their compliance officer to ensure that there are no violations. For more information refer to rule

The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 p.m. ET.

The next conference call will be conducted on Wednesday, April 4 at 11:30 a.m. ET.


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