Wednesday, December 12, 2007--Committee Meeting at AVCA Convention,


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The meeting was called to order at approximately 5 p.m. PT.



Present: Kanoe Bandy, Mike De Hoog, Terry Gamble, Becky Verespej (Terry's assistant), Lisa Huntley, Trish Knight (Incoming Chair), Kim Lester, Sue Sinclair, Mike Trame,


Absent: Jayme Frazier, Jane Peterson, Vanessa Schroeder, Ben Staupe


I. Welcome and Roll Call

Sue welcomed everyone to Sacramento and the meeting, gave a summary of the topics that would be discussed in the meeting, and then introduced Trish Knight, the incoming chair of the Two-Year committee. Trish will take for Sue over starting in January.


II. Accomplishments for 2007 and a Look Ahead at 2007

Sue reviewed some of the things that were accomplished by the committee in 2007, which include:

* Two-Year College Web site on the AVCA Web site

* Two-Year College booth at the convention

* Two-Year College panel discussion

* Salary Survey for TYC coaches


Sue asked if there were any other things that had been worked on. One person mentioned membership, which had increased a little.


Sue mentioned that the AVCA has 272 possible members listed. Sue believes that number could be higher - 300+. This needs to be checked out.


Sue then discussed some ideas and things that need to be carried forward in 2008.


* Have someone at the convention next year to speak on the NAIA Gap rule. This could not be scheduled for this year.

* Continue with only one TYC General Meeting at the convention, and try to move it to Saturday. Might be better timing for some coaches.

* Membership

* Review how the booth and CD concepts worked and determine whether to do that next year.

* Review how the panel session went. Next year's target group could be aimed at the high school and club coaches, since the four-year coaches were the target this year.


Trish suggested that now that we have the showcase, how about a Two-Year College athlete All-Star game.


Sue said that for this to be done it needs to be sanctioned by the NJCAA. Kanoe would need to check to see if California would need to sanction it, and someone in the NWAACC would also need to check.


Some felt that an all-star game would be "ugly volleyball" and if that is the way to "showcase" the TYC athletes. Mike De Hoog suggested best way to showcase the TYC kids would be video clips. Further discussion followed on this and it is something to be looked into. Possibly even having a video player/TV in the TYC booth at the convention showing some of the athletes.


On another topic, Sue also mentioned that only one person would need to be replaced on the committee in 2008 - the NJCAA Division I person. She asked that if anyone knows of anyone who would want to volunteer for that position, to let Trish Knight know.


III. General Meeting

Sue then discussed the things that would be discussed at the general meeting on Friday. Sue mentioned that she was going to cancel the Thursday general meeting, since she believed that only one would be needed. In addition, that Thursday meeting time would overlap some education sessions, and she didn't want anyone to miss any of those if they wanted to attend.


Some of the topics to be discussed would be:

* Awards (Shay Goulding, Salt Lake Community College)

* Membership

* Salary Survey

* NCAA Rules Rep to speak

* Two-Year College Booth at the convention

* Two-Year College Panel Discussion, targeted to four-year coaches


She mentioned about the NAIA gap rule and how she believed it important that everyone in a Two-Year school understand how it works. She hopes that someone could speak on this next year.


IV. Discussion of the Two-Year College Booth

Sue then began a discussion of how the group would run the booth. Discussion followed about the CDs, people who will man the booth over the next few days, how to do follow-up with the people who stop by and ways to possibly improve this for next year.


Some specific things that came up:

* Need to have an idea of how to hand out the CDs. Don't want to hand out three to the same coaching staff. (During this discussion, it was decided to hold the CDs for the panel session, as it would be best to give coaches that attend the panel discussion first chance at getting them.)

* Next year have DVDs of the championship matches from all the divisions playing on a TV in the booth, so coaches can see the level of talent playing. Terry volunteered to try and have a TV for use in the booth next year in Omaha.

* Get emails and all contact information of all visitors to do a follow-up survey with everyone who visits the booth. This can help improve what is offered at the booth next year. Also use it to send them hard copies of the information on the CDs, in case they run out of CDs during the convention.)


Ideas for next year:

* Video playing of all junior college championships and of players.

* Banner with the logos of all the Two-Year college divisions (NJCAA I, II, III, California, NWAACC.


V. Discussion of the Two-Year College Panel Session

Sue then moved the discussion to what would be talked about at the panel session. Some of the things include:

* Show video of the level of play.

* Show list of names of current rosters

* Explain the five divisions of the Two-Year colleges. This will help four-year coaches understand the vast number of athletes available to them

* Explain the uniqueness of what a Two-Year College athlete can do for their team. These kids are usually more mature, have solid study skills and have playing experience.

* Mention the AVCA Team-Academic Award


Terry mentioned that the academic angle, he believed, should be showcased. He said that (he read?) that 90% of junior college athletes are "GPA qualified" to go to a four-year school. Volleyball athletes are smart and the four-year coaches should learn that.


Sue thought it would be good if they could get a list of the number of kids playing on four-year teams.


Mike Trame said he had researched that and at this time it appears that 151 junior college kids are listed on Division I rosters.


More conversation on the panel discussion followed. However, since Sue had covered all of the topics she wanted to discuss at the meeting, and no one had any questions, she officially ended the meeting. Afterwards, the folks, that wanted, stayed on to continue the discussion of what they would talk about at the panel discussion.


Meeting adjourned approx. 6:20 p.m. PT


The next meeting will be held at the regular time, the second Wednesday of January - January 9, at 10:30 a.m. CT (11:30 a.m. ET).



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