Wednesday, October 10, 2007


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The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:40 a.m. ET. (10:40 a.m. CT)




Present: Sue Sinclair, Kanoe Bandy, Michael DeHoog, Jayme Frazier, Terry Gamble, Kim Lester, Vanessa Schroeder, Mike Trame


Absent: Lisa Huntley, Jane Peterson, Ben Staupe


I. Welcome and Roll Call

Sue welcomed all attendees to the meeting and a review of those in attendance was made. (See above)


II. Review of September Minutes

Sue opened the meeting with the September minutes and asked for any comments. None were given, and so the minutes were approved. Sue requested to have the minutes posted on the AVCA Web site. (Done)


III. Web Template

Sue mentioned that Terry had sent in the NJCAA Division I information and that the new template was complete. She asked that a link not only be placed on the AVCA Web site committee page, but also down the right side of the Two-Year College page. Rick mentioned that he did get approval from California and NWAACC to use its logos. Still waiting for NJCAA. Sue to follow up on getting NJCAA approval. (Posting on web site is done)


IV: Salary Survey

Discussion ensued on the status of the salary survey. Rick mentioned that a draft was being created and that some changes had been made to it since the committee's last discussion. This was due to changes in how the software works and at the suggestion of the Host survey person. Rick mentioned that a draft would be sent out for review and upon receiving comments, the survey would then be released.


Rick asked Sue to please provide an email cover letter for the survey, which she said she would write. Sue asked the committee if they would mind if she addressed it from "the committee" vs. just herself. The committee had no objections. Sue asked who the results could be shared with ad if it could be discussed at the convention. Rick asked Jason, who handles AVCA's salary surveys. The response was - results are only shared with AVCA members. Members are asked to include their emails when responding to the survey and then they'll get the results. However, it can also be discussed at the convention. (Survey was sent out for review. After some problems, it had to be resent to a few committee members via fax. A couple comments were made, which were added to the survey. The survey will be sent out the week of Oct. 22.)


V. Convention Project

Three topics were discussed: the online registration system for coaches to put in their players trying to play at four-year school, the Two-Year college booth at the AVCA Convention and the Two-Year college panel at the AVCA Convention.


* Online Registration of Players: Sue began with a discussion about the online registration by asking Terry Gamble to give an update, as his school's IT department was trying to make this an easy, online process. Terry stated that the project was going well. His IT person had created a form on the NJCAA Tournament Web site that coaches could register for and then log into and enter their sophomore's - only sophomores - information. Then four year coaches would also be able to register and go in and see all of the information. (In the week following this, Terry sent out the URL for the site: file:///T:/AVCA%20Documents/RickCapone-Files/Two-Year%20Coach%20Committee/


Terry mentioned that this information would stay active after the tourney as well. He also said that all Two-Year colleges could participate and that he was looking for a way to be able to pull out AVCA-only members for the AVCA Convention. (Since the meeting, his IT person added a drop down for AVCA members - yes/no - on the online form. This will help in being able to separate out only AVCA members to create a CD or Book for the AVCA Convention.)


* Two-Year College Booth: Sue asked Kanoe Bandy if any of the California people she had mentioned during the last call had responded and would be able to help man the booth at the convention. Kanoe is going to work on it and help make up a schedule of who can be there and at what times.


Sue asked if there were any other ideas for using the booth at the convention. She asked if they should have a script or handout to give people that show up.


The Committee thought that would be a good idea. Maybe draft a letter explaining the purpose of the booth and the information they can provide. It would do two things - help control the information given out and also give a consistent message.


Also mentioned was to try and find a way to generate interest in DI mid-majors to come to the booth, as there would be teams in the mid-majors that would be a good fit for some of the Two-Year college athletes.


Sue said she would create an email about this system and send it to Rick to send out to all Two-Year college coaches to let them know this system is available for use. Terry mentioned that Brenda Hampton will also be sending out a similar email. In this way, those mid-majors should get the information.


* Two-Year College Panel: Sue asked for volunteers from each Division to help at the Two-Year college panel session. She also was looking for ideas to discuss at the panel session. Some ideas that the committee though of were:


* Academic side of Two-Year athletes - help dismiss the "academic myths." (Terry)

* What reasons do athletes choose to go to Two-Year colleges first? (Mike)

* Educate four-year coaches on how the Two-Year college athlete can impact their program. Try to give examples, such as Rita Crocket. (Sue also mentioned a player out of Kansas - it might be Sarah Noriega).

* Explain that Two-Year colleges are more than just one big "group" or division. Explain the five different Two-Year college divisions (NJCAA I, II and III, California, and NWAACC.).


V. Awards Update

Rick gave a short update about the upcoming awards process. Shay Ferguson (AVCA awards) had given him the dates to know for this year's awards process. They are:


* Oct. 9 - Deadline to renew AVCA memberships to receive Region Coach of the Year and Victory Club awards. Shay extended this one week to Oct. 16.


Oct. 12 - Two-Year college award packets are mailed.


Nov. 9 - Nominations for Victory Club are due.


Nov. 16 - Nominations for Two-Year College Region Coach of the Year awards are due.


A discussion ensued on how the process usually works for Two-Year college coaches to be nominated.


* NJCAA - Any coach that makes the NJCAA I, II or III Championships is automatically nominated.

* California - Makes nominations for their Region coaches. Typically nominate from final eight.

* NWAACC - AVCA member coaches nominate coaches, then submit to AVCA


A similar discussion then came up about process for Two-Year College Player of the Year nominations. The five nominees come from each division, who sends in their own player of the year for consideration. So, one each from NJCAA DI, DII and DIII, California and NWAACC. One is picked from those five to determine the National Player of the Year.


V. Miscellaneous

Sue mentioned that Trish Knight won the AVCA board election and will be the new Two-Year representative. She hopes to have Trish sit in on the November call to get familiar with everything going on.


Sue also mentioned that Trish had a question when they spoke about the dead period for Division I during the AVCA Convention and final four. She said it did not affect California or NWAACC this year though. However, it does affect NJCAA. They asked if the AVCA could appeal an exemption during this time. Sue said she discussed it with T.J. Meagher, but he didn't think the NCAA would budge on this. (This dead period only affects the first day of the NCAA Final Four (runs Monday - Thursday of the convention.)


Meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m. ET


The next meeting will be moved one week due to the NJCAA Tournament and be held on Wednesday, November 21, 2007 at 11:30 a.m. ET (10:30 a.m. CT.)



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