September 12, 2007


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The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:40 a.m. ET. (10:40 a.m. CT)




Present: Sue Sinclair, Kanoe Bandy, Michael DeHoog, Jayme Frazier, Lisa Huntley, Jane Peterson, Vanessa Schroeder, Ben Staupe


Absent: Terry Gamble, Kim Lester, Mike Trame



Sue welcomed all attendees to the meeting and went straight to the first agenda item.


I. Roll Call

A review of those in attendance was made. (See above)


II. Review of August Minutes

Sue opened the meeting on the August minutes. She asked if anyone had any comments or if they could be approved. A motion was made to approve. It was seconded. Sue requested to have the minutes posted on the AVCA Web site. (Done)


III. Web Template

Sue asked if all information for the Two-Year College Web site was in yet. The answer was yes, except for Division I. It was then decided by the group to have Rick create the Web site and post it without the Division I information. Sue would then work to get that information to Rick so the Web site could be completed. (Web site created and posted without Division I information September 17, 2007.)


Sue then asked how we can let folks know about the Web site. It was decided to mention it in the AVCA's At the Net the next time it came out.


IV. Salary Survey

Sue asked if everyone was satisfied with the salary survey as it stood now. No comments were made, so the next step is for Rick to get it created by the Host IT folks. According to Host, it should take about two weeks to create and can then be sent out. This would put it in the late September, early October time frame, which should be good timing for release to the Two-Year coaches. (Also, it is around the same time as the "main" AVCA salary survey will be going out too.)


V. Convention Project and Membership Profile

Sue mentioned that Terry Gamble was traveling, so the bigger part of this topic could not be discussed at this time as he is working with the IT people at his school, Iowa Western, to create a system to work out how to "capture" the student athlete data. The system that Terry's school uses will capture all student athletes ready to try and move on to a four-year school. The thing that needs to be done is: 1) pull out only those student athletes who's schools are AVCA members, and then 2) decide whether to put the information online, on a CD or hard copy.


On another topic, Sue opened up a discussion about the AVCA convention and the booth that the Two-Year college committee was going to have this year. Sue asked how many members planned to be at this year's convention and if any could help man the booth with her. The responses were:


* Kanoe Bandy - yes, and will try to get help from other California Two-Year coaches

* Lisa Huntley - yes

* Jayme Frazier - yes

* Ben Staupe - maybe

* Vanessa Schroeder - no

* Mike DeHoog - maybe

* Jane Peterson - no

* Mike Trame - yes

* Terry Gamble - yes

* Kim Lester - yes


The next thing that Sue mentioned was the seminar session that the Two-Year college committee planned to hold at the convention. This was an idea that Kathy DeBoer had suggested and Sue agreed with. However, Sue wanted to reiterate that the plan was for this to be a panel discussion and not just her talking. However, she noticed that on the AVCA Convention schedule it only had her listed, so she wanted to double check that everyone agreed it would be a panel discussion. Everyone did, so: 1) Rick will get that change made on AVCA convention literature and 2) Sue will work to find panel members for the session.


Sue also wants to make sure that the outline of this session is created by the next committee call, as it is due into Jason by October 8.


VI. Membership Letter

Sue mentioned that Rick had sent out a Membership Letter the day before the meeting and asked if everyone got it. It was a letter that Kanoe Bandy had created for California, and Mark McCloskey had modified for use by all Two Year colleges to solicit new members. This is the key time of year to try and get new college coaches. Sue asked her committee to please send it to their members and start getting it out to coaches to see if we can get new members.


Rick also mentioned that the new AVCA membership brochure was completed and that he would send out copies to everyone. Sue asked if there was an online version yet, but there is none at this time. (Brochures have been sent.)


VII. Miscellaneous

Sue asked if there was anything else that should be discussed. Two things were mentioned.

1. Voting for AVCA Board members - TYC Chair is open

2  Talent Showcase


Sue wanted to remind everyone that AVCA voting is currently going on for new AVCA Board members, of which the Two-Year position is open as Sue will be stepping down at the end of her term this year. So, everyone was urged to vote. Sue mentioned that there were two people running for her position: Trish Knight (Missouri State University West Plains) and David Rehr (Blinn College). For more information, go to the AVCA Web site at:


Sue also mentioned the Talent Showcase that will be held at the AVCA Convention on the Sunday after the NCAA Championship match, which will showcase athletes who want to play at a four-year college. It is open to high school seniors and two-year college athletes. Four-year college coaches will be there observing.


Sue believes that while it will be open to athletes around the country, this would probably be a "banner" opportunity for the California Junior College athletes to participate, with it being held in Sacramento. Then, in subsequent years, the same for junior college athletes near those next AVCA Conventions.


A question was raised about where to get more information about it? How to register? Deadline? According to the AVCA Web site, this information will be forthcoming in October.


Sue mentioned that she was grateful in that, the two-year colleges were looking for new ways to promote their athletes and the AVCA is now providing them with a few: a booth and an education session at the convention and the Talent Showcase.


A question was raised about whether the Showcase was just for junior college sophomores or was it open to freshman? Rick was to check. (Answer: Yes, open to both freshman and sophomore.)


Kanoe asked about NCAA rules? Would this be a problem?


Sue explained that Kathy had gotten it cleared by the NCAA prior to even considering it.


Finally, Sue also reviewed what was discussed on this call and what needs to be done/ready for the next call.

* Complete the Web site

* Get the membership letter out and get new members

* Watch for her emails soliciting help for the panel discussion at the Convention

* Complete the salary survey.


With that, the meeting was ended.


Meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m. ET


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at 11:30 a.m. ET (10:30 a.m. CT.)



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