Wednesday, October 4, 2006


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Roll Call: Absent: Big South, Missouri Valley, Patriot League and Southern Conferences


The meeting was called to order at 11:30 a.m. by Chair Beth Launiere.

1. NCAA Legislation in AVCA Operating Code - T.J. Meager / Beth Launiere


T.J. informed the committee that three legislative proposals have been entered into the AVCA Operating Code. The legislation is 2006-41 (text messaging), 2006-43 (use of computers and video in home visits), 2006-82 (missed class time during the non-traditional season). Copies of the Legislative Issues Forms for each of these issues are attached to these minutes.


Beth will be following up with the committee on the AVCA Operating Code process. The basic process is that the Legislative Issues Forms need to be sent to the coaches in each committee member's respective conference. The coaches are encouraged to provide their thoughts and rationale on each on the issues. This information will need to be back to T.J./Beth by Oct. 18. At that point the information will go on the website and each conference will have the opportunity to review and discuss the issue. On the November conference call there will be a preliminary vote on each of the issues. Each conference will get one vote. If there is a majority to approve the issue then it will move forward. For those that move forward a final vote will occur on the December call. At that time if there is a 2/3 majority for an issue then the AVCA can officially support the proposal.


T.J. reminded the committee of the basic NCAA legislative process. He indicated that in mid-October the NCAA Management Council would meet to get a sense of what legislative issues that they would seriously consider. They would again meet on January 7 for the first official vote of the Council. At that point the NCAA Board of Directors can adopt the legislation if there was overwhelming support from the Council. Otherwise the issue will be reviewed for a second vote by the Board on April 26. After April 26 there is the opportunity for an override during the next 60 days only if 100 institutions urge the Board to reconsider.


2. Early Offer Issue - Kathy DeBoer


Kathy indicated that there is not a proposal to address the early offer issue on the table this year. The Presidential Task Force on the Future of Division I Athletics had identified the issue as one of possible concern. As part of their research they sent letters to conferences and interested organizations for feedback on the issue. The AVCA responded to the Task Force indicating that this issue should be looked into more closely. The AVCA did not take a position in the letter whether early offers should or should not be allowed.


Initial AVCA research indicates that the issue seems to be occurring more in women's sports. It is particularly being utilized in sports that have well developed club participation.


Beth indicated that she would like to add the issue to the Convention agenda for further discussion.


4. Committee Openings - Kathy DeBoer


Kathy noted that there are three openings on the NCAA Division I Volleyball Committee. The positions must be filled by administrators from the Mideast (one position - Big Ten, Mid-American, MAAC, Northeast), Midwest (one position - Conference USA, Horizon League, OVC) and an at-large (one position). Of the three positions one must be from 1AA/1AAA.


It was also noted that there are two positions open on the NCAA Rules Committee. These positions must be nominated through the conference offices. There is an opening for Division I and Division II.


If you have any suggestions of someone who is a leader in your conference and may be interested then please forward the names to the conference office or the AVCA for follow-up.



5. AVCA Business - Todd Hamilton


Todd updated the committee on the following issues:


AVCA Convention - Thus far 450 members have registered for the convention. That is an increase of about 300 members over this time last year. Two of the convention hotels have already sold out.

On September 29 the first Minority Coaches Clinic of the year was held in Washington, D.C. A record number, 55, attendees took part in the clinic. It was noted by many of the attendees how much they appreciated the event and encouraged similar programs in the future.

It was noted that two new AVCA commercials would be appearing soon on CSTV. One of the commercials highlights the sport in general. The other highlights the AVCA and encourages membership.


6. DI Meetings at Convention - Beth Launiere


Beth indicated that there would be a DI Convention Meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 13 from 2 - 4 p.m. and a follow-up meeting on Friday, Dec. 15 from 11:45 a.m. - 1 p.m. Agendas are being worked on now for these meetings


7. Other


Beth asked Lisa Marston to speak about the Dig for the Cure campaign. The campaign helps raise money for the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Lisa encouraged anyone interested to contact her about getting involved at


Beth thanked everyone for their attendance and participation during the call. The call concluded at 12:40 p.m.

Links to AVCA Division I Head Coaches Committee and AVCA Legislative Pages: (AVCA Division I HCC Page) (AVCA Legislative Page)

Next conference call will be conducted on Wednesday, November 1, 2006, at 11:30 ET


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