Wednesday, August 2, 2006


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Roll Call: Absent: Atlantic Sun, Big 12, Horizon League, Patriot, Southern, Southwestern and West Coast Conferences


The meeting was called to order at 11 a.m. by Chair Beth Launiere.

1. AVCA Showcase - Kathy DeBoer


Kathy began by introducing four new AVCA staff members who were joining the call to learn more about the Division I Committee. She introduced Todd Hamilton, assistant executive director; Jason Jones, marketing and education director; Wendy Payne, membership and sales director; and Will Engle, media relations and membership support manager.


Kathy next discussed the current arrangements for the 2006 Showcase. She indicated that Kelly Stumph, awards manager, had recently returned from a good meeting with the University of Wisconsin. The event looks to be in good shape and we anticipate a well run event. It was noted that CSTV has been engaged to televise the event finals.


Mark McCloskey, conventions and events director, is currently in Omaha to discuss the possibility of Omaha hosting the event in 2007. Early indications from Mark are that Omaha is interested in the 2007 Showcase.


2. TV (CSTV) - Tom Hilbert, Kathy DeBoer


Kathy and Tom reviewed the current five year CSTV deal. In the first year 10 matches were televised, in the second year 15 were televised and in the third 24 are scheduled to be shown. Early in the AVCA/CSTV deal CSTV was just getting started and they were searching for inventory. This need allowed the AVCA to have a good deal of control over the content for each week's match. As CSTV has matured and subsequently been purchased by CBS they are not as eager for inventory. CSTV has also entered into a number of agreements with various conferences. In order to fulfill their conference relationships they attempt to utilize the CSTV/ AVCA Match of the week for dual purposes. Therefore the AVCA has lost some of its input into which matches are shown. It was noted that some conferences such as the ACC and SEC do not have any matches scheduled for the lineup. This is due to preexisting deals with Fox Spots South and Raycom. These deals preclude CSTV from using any of the conference schools for their telecasts.


Beth expressed the vital importance that schools that will be featured need to make every effort to publicize these matches and get fans in the seats. She emphasized that the host schools should arrange the event so that it comes across good on television.


Kathy helped the committee better understand the CSTV Weekly Update Show concept. The concept is that CSTV will do a three to five minute in studio production during each AVCA Match of the Week and at other vacant slots in their programming schedule. This Update Show will cost $2,500 per episode to produce for a total of $30,000. Kathy furthered mentioned that we are very close to securing a sponsor for that amount.


It was noted that the AVCA needs help from the schools to make this Update Show work. The AVCA office needs to be made aware of any televised matches. This is particularly important for matches that may appear outside of regular conference packages (i.e. locally or state-wide televised matches). The AVCA office also needs copies of any human interest stories that may be developed on a team or particular student athlete by local television.


Beth informed the committee that an email was going to be distributed from the AVCA office to the coaches requesting this information. There would also be a request for those matches that may be web cast. She further challenged the committee to be thinking about new ways to be creative with getting volleyball on television.

3. Web Streaming Article - Tom Hilbert

Tom indicated and the committee agreed that this sport had a real opportunity to be the leaders in web streaming. Tom noted that a new web streaming article would appear in the September/October issue of Coaching Volleyball. The article will be able to assist programs in starting a web streaming program. Currently the article is available by request from the AVCA office.


Tom further explained that CSTV will host any school's matches on their server for the school. This can be a huge advantage for a program to get its matches on the Internet. CSTV then charges for a subscription for anyone who wants to watch the matches.


Beth noted that the CSTV subscription service is currently set up on a school by school basis. It would be great if we could get CSTV to also offer the service on a sport by sport basis as well.

4. AVCA Coaches Poll - Beth Launiere


Beth turned the committee's attention to the preseason CSTV/AVCA Division I Top 25 Coaches Poll. Will Engle, media relations and membership support manager, indicated that the preview has been posted to the web site and has been sent to the Division I poll voters via email. He also noted that a reminder would be sent shortly to all Division I members to send in their preview if they haven't done so. Included in this email will also be a reminder for each coach to post their team's schedule on the website in order to compile weekly results.

5. Update AVCA Profiles / Closing Comments.

Beth urged the committee to encourage all AVCA members to update their membership profiles at Updated profiles allow the association to communicate in a timely and effective manner with the members.


Beth thanked everyone for their attendance and participation during the call. The call concluded at 11:50 a.m.

Links to AVCA Division I Head Coaches Committee and AVCA Legislative Pages: (AVCA Division I HCC Page) (AVCA Legislative Page)

Next conference call will be conducted on Wednesday, September 6, 2006, at 11:30 ET


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