Tuesday, May 15, 2007


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The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:35 a.m. ET.




Present: Sue Sinclair, Terry Gamble, Michael De Hoog, Kanoe Bandy, Erica Elder, Lisa Huntley, Kim Lester, Jane Peterson, Mike Trame, Jayme Frazier


Absent: Jane Peterson



Sue welcomed all attendees to the meeting and mentioned a little of what would be discussed at the meeting. .


I. Review of April's Minutes

Sue opened the meeting by asking if anyone had comments on the minutes from April, which she had emailed earlier. There were no comments. A motion was made to accept the minutes and they were accepted. Rick to post.


II. Web template

Sue reviews the updated web template and asks for any comments. Kanoe suggested removing the number of student athletes category as it might be misleading as to how many athletes are in involved in volleyball vs. total athletes in general. Everyone agreed and it is to be removed.


Sue asks for any other comments and with none forthcoming she requests that information for each division be sent in to Rick to be made into a Web page. The assignments are:

* DI - Terry Gamble

* DII - Mike Trame and Vanessa Schroeder

* DIII - Lisa Huntley and Jane Peterson

* COA - Kanoe (to review one last time)

* NWAAC - Mike De Hoog and Jayme Frazier


III. Salary Survey

Sue begins review of the Salary Survey. A question was raised about tuition vs. Graduate work and what is the difference? Discussion followed and it was determined to keep both because tuition (to most) means at their own institution, whereas Graduate work could be at another institution. Sue instructed Rick to put those two "together" on the survey.


Another question was raised about how to determine what is institutionally funded vs. what is fund raised? Someone suggested having a separate section for "fund-raised." Rick to work with Mike De Hoog to develop the section.


One other question that Sue asked later in the meeting - add a question to find out if coaches coach at any other level?


IV. Convention Project and Membership Profile

Sue mentioned that Kanoe had just sent out an updated Membership Profile form, and asked if everyone had a chance to look it over. Since it had just been sent out a few minutes prior to the meeting, it was agreed that it would be discussed at the next meeting.


Sue moved on to a discussion about how to provide the info at the convention - CD, online, hard copy.


Terry mentioned that they were going to put together one for the National Tournament. It would be sophomore only and could be the template for how they do it for the convention.


Also need to determine if what is presented at the National Tournament (since it is DI, DII, DIII) would be the same as what is collected and used in California and NWAAC.


Terry also mentioned that it might be able to be set up where coaches can enter information in a central form online. He is working with the IT person at his school to create one for the National Tournament. Might be able to be adapted for what the Two-Year colleges need for the convention.


More discussion on this will follow in upcoming meetings.


As for the form itself, two things were asked -


1. Remove the photo.

2. Add the web address for the school under School Info.


V. Membership

Current Two-Year College membership at 168 - down just a little, probably due to memberships expiring and need to be renewed.


Sue suggests that it might be best to know where membership stands each year on a specific date, to be chosen. That way they have a way to compare on a yearly basis. She explained how the yearly membership cycle works at the AVCA - year to year for each individual vs. a specific year end date for everyone. Because of this, she believes it best to pick a date, such as August 1, and check it then to see how Two-Year College membership stands.


Next, Sue explains a little about how the High School affiliate program works because, she wonders, if it might work for the Two Year Colleges.


Someone asks if coaching numbers might be misconstrued due to turnover? Discussion ensued on this.


Sue also asks, and Rick to check, if a membership letter goes to the coach and to the school, as it did in the past. In this way it might tweak the interest of the AD, which could help the coach.


Another thing that was suggested was to go to the head of each Association and try and get their interest. Someone asked - what incentive is there for the Association to get involved? Answer - more name recognition for the Association, plus help get their players' names out there and recognized.


Sue asks if everyone to try and think of new ideas to help grow membership. There is always mail and phone, but she wants folks to think about it and then talk about it next time.


She also asks that the next time AVCA promotional material is created, if a couple bullets could be added under benefits that would help interest the Two Year College coaches. Two specific benefits:

* NCAA and NAIA rules get out to the Two-Year Colleges

* Promoting the Two-Year players at the convention.


VI. Board Meeting

Sue gives a short report about the AVCA Board Meeting, which had taken place the week before this call. She talked about the following topics:


* Kathy's email: Kathy sent out a letter with a number of attachments and good information. One of those was about some NCAA rule changes, which she will forward to everyone. Sue said that Kathy suggested that the Two-Year College committee should forward TYC Rule Changes to the four year schools.

* NAIA Gap Rule: Sue said she would like more help understanding this, as it is similar to the NCAA's Clearinghouse. She thought it might be good to have someone talk on this topic at the convention and would work to make it happen.


She finished by saying that she'd forward Kathy's letter to everyone to read.


VII. Miscellaneous

Sue mentioned that this would be Erica Elder's final meeting. Erica tells everyone that she will be leaving and heading home to Austin to start a new career and that she enjoyed working with everyone.


Sue thanked Erica for all her hard work. She also asked that if anyone knows of someone who would like to join the committee, to please let her know.


With that, the meeting was ended.


Meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m. ET


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 at 11:30 a.m. ET (10:30 a.m. CT)




Constituency Group

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