Wednesday, January 9, 2008


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The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:40 a.m. (ET).




Present: Trish Knight, Michael De Hoog, Jayme Frazier, Terry Gamble, Bert Luallen, Jane Peterson, Vanessa Schroeder, Benjamin Staupe, Mike Trame


Absent: Kanoe Bandy, Kim Lester


I. Welcome and Roll Call

Trish welcomes everyone and begins the meeting by stating the agenda, which will be:

* Convention panel session review.

* Convention Booth review

* Salary Survey

* Membership


II. Panel Session

Trish asks Terry Gamble to give a short rundown of the panel session.


Terry says that he thought it went well. Originally, the Two-Year committee were not sure how many would come, but they ended up with about 25-40 coaches stopping by the session, with a number going in and out. Most were DI Coaches. Of the ones that signed up, the breakdown was: 8-12 DI coaches, 6 DII coaches, 4 NAIA coaches.


He also thought the questions that were asked were good, and that he has talked to a few since the convention. There was one young coach that was "negative," but Terry believed he had one bad experience with a two-year school and based everything on that. He has since talked to the person and seems to have helped that coach understand how two-year schools work a little better.


Some ideas:

* Educate new coaches about two-year colleges

* Maybe do an "every other year" schedule, where one year you target high school/club coaches and then next year (like this one) you target four-year college coaches.


Mike Trame and Jane Peterson echoed Terry's thoughts on the session. Jane mentioned a couple of other points that she believed need to be addressed: One that she mentioned was that one coach said that a lot of junior college kids expect scholarships, which the coach believes eliminates DIII and NAIA schools.


Jane says that this is more a problem with the kids and not the two-year schools, but suggests a solution for that is to educate their own kids.


Mike threw out the idea of doing more "showcase" type events, maybe on a regional basis. Possibly, during club season.


Jane agreed with timing - she said that four-year coaches want to see the kids in the spring. However, she believes that the two-year kids are probably "panicked" by this time, as they are now competing with the high school kids.


Mike Trame asks - maybe the NJCAA can help with sponsors.


Trish asks - what are the NJCAA rules about this? We'll need to look into that. She agrees that this is a good idea and suggests that, for next time, everyone should think about some regions or areas where two-year colleges can host these types of events. Then be ready to discuss on the next call.


III. Convention Booth

Mike Trame was at the booth for the last time block for manning it. He said that, over the few days, 55 coaches stopped by and left their contact info. Unfortunately, only about half of them left all of their contact info. He thought it went well and there were some good questions asked. He said that he sent out a list prior to the meeting to the committee containing the names of those who stopped by the booth.


Some ideas for next time, which had already been discussed:

* A banner with all of the two-year college conference logos - NJCAA I, II and III, NWAACC and CCCAA.

* Video playing the conference championships. Terry thinks this is especially doable in Omaha next year, as he might be able to provide the TV, video player and a power source (via his tech dept), so the group does not have to pay for electricity. He said that his assistant, Becky Verespej, will be in charge of getting this done.


Bert mentioned, and others agreed, that the booth was "off the beaten path" in the Volleyball Marketplace. Jane agreed and asked if a better location be had for next year? She also asked if a booth can be placed in the hall in Omaha?


Rick mentioned that the location was selected based on - folks that pay get first choice. Since the two-year college booth was free, it was placed in the best place left after paid spots were handed out. However, the AVCA knew that it had to increase traffic next year beyond the Coaches Zone, which is where the two-year college booth was located and it was something that was going to be looked at carefully for next year. He also would mention a better location is needed for the two-year college booth for next year as well, and we'll see what can be done.


IV. Salary Survey

Trish mentioned she had sent it out for review. Most committee members hadn't looked at it yet, so it was tabled for discussion next time.


V. Membership

Trish mentioned that membership for two-year schools is up, but there are still more coaches out there. She asked for any new ideas to be sent out. She said she would try to send a personal letter to all coaches to try and get everyone excited about the AVCA and attract new members. She also thought that maybe coaches can go to the ADs and try to get a stipend to pay for the membership.


Bert suggested one way to help might be to have some two-year coaches go out and hold clinics around the country, and while doing that, promote two-year colleges. He asked if the AVCA might be able to sanction these - and by sanction he meant give out things like t-shirt, hats, membership brochures, magazines, etc.


Rick said that was doable, and to notify him (or the AVCA) a few weeks ahead of a clinic and material can be sent to the coach holding the event.


VI. Miscellaneous

Trish asked if there was anything else for the New Year that the committee should look at.


Mike Trame mentioned that the new membership brochures, while very nice, do not fit in regular business envelopes. He asked if this could be remedied because it now costs more to put them in bigger envelopes with a personal note and mail them.


Rick responded that he'll have folks look into it when the AVCA is ready to print a new set. However, the AVCA had a lot printed, so it will be a while.


Terry asked that, at the AVCA Showcase next year, if we can separate or do something so that coaches can spot the two-year players easier.


Rick responded that color t-shirts were being looked into for each division - HS Jr, HS Sr and TYC athlete.


Nothing else was brought up, so Trish ended the meeting.


Meeting adjourned approx. 12:15 p.m. ET


The next meeting will be held at the regular time, the second Wednesday of February - February 13, 10:30 a.m. CT (11:30 a.m. ET).



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