December 13, 2007


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Roll Call:

Kim Sudbeck, Augustana (S.D.)

Bren Stevens, West Virginia-Charleston

Tia Brandel-Wilhelm, Ferris State

Bruce Atkinson, Hawaii-Hilo, proxy for Kris Naber

Ginger Hamric, Catawba College, proxy for Shannon Mincy

Cody Hein, Chico State

Debbie Hendricks, Metro State

Karen McNulty, U. Mass-Lowell, proxy for Theresa Garlacy

Bo Pagliasotti, Southwestern Oklahoma

Tracy Rietzke, Rockhurst

Michael Sinesi, U. of Science in Philadelphia

Stephanie Radecki, U. of North Alabama

Sean Donahue, St. Edward's U., proxy for Todd Caughlin

Alex Koszalka, Dowling College

Phil Shoemaker, U. of Alaska Fairbanks

Jill Stephens, Florida Southern College

Zach Shaver, Indiana U. of PA, proxy for Tom Justice

Chris Willis, Southern Missouri, proxy for Ibraheem Suberu

Patricia Michow, North Central

Lee Anderson, U. of MN-Crookston, proxy for Heidi Sunderland



Southern Intercollegiate Conference

Central Intercollegiate Conference

Carolina-Virginia Athletic Conference



Carlos Chia, U. of Northern Kentucky

Chris Herron, Washburn U.



Meeting Called to Order: 8:00 a.m.



I. Welcome.

Kim welcomed everyone to the meeting.


A. Chair Report (Kim)
· Awards: Chair of the Award's Committee, Kim addressed the incomplete nominations and ways to help our coaches/SID's with this situation. Possibly provide a sample of a complete nomination form on-line. These SA are still considered, but only with the information provided. If the chair of that region would like to search out the missing information they may do so. Missing the deadline was a major issue this year with a few high ranking teams. These SA were not considered and it was supported by the HCC that they should not be. The possibility of a monetary fine will be looked at in the future for those schools that don't meet the deadline. Phil mentioned there are always deadlines and if they are met, you don't get a second chance. Tracy mentioned that many teams are traveling on that Sunday and if we could move the deadline from Monday at 5 pm ET to Tuesday, 12 pm ET. All - American Honorable-Mention was an issue not only by our Div. II Award's committee but from the AVCA as an organization. Kim explained once again at the DII level, it become extremely watered down when you include all the regional players that did not make one of the three All-American teams. However, the AVCA feels that this is a great promotion for the volleyball program and school. It was a consensus by the HCC that they support the current way the DII committee chooses the AAHM and that we need to re-assure the AVCA that this is fair to all. In summary, Kim was very happy with how the Award's Committee works well with one another.

· Board Report from the Convention Meeting:

--Kim mentioned that we are close to 80% membership at the Div. II level and surpassed the 4,000 member mark across all divisions.

--AVCA and Host Communications will now be under the umbrella of IMG, the biggest sports marketing organization in the world.

--Sharon Cenessa, NCAA Chair of Championships, informed the board that the NCAA is going to take hold and promote volleyball to the highest degree, starting at the Div. I level. This will then filter down to the other divisions. Short-term and long-term goals were provided.

--Div. I Recruiting Task Force: A task force was established by the Div. I HCC and will present a couple of recruiting calendars later on this week at the convention. These models are discussion points only. The goal is make the calendar more restrictive. DII is not in favor of this, DII likes to go recruiting when they want to, not when they have to. Text messaging will also be addressed.

--Salary Report: Survey was disseminated and Kim asked if there was any input to the survey. Karen mentioned that it would be interesting to see what the pay is between male and female coaches. Ginger mentioned to include what other duties a coach has such as; teaching, administration, etc. What is the percentage that must be given to each of those duties? Also, what are the years of experience, how long the contract is and is there an increase in the contract after every year, and are there bonuses when a certain goal has been reached?

--Dig for the Cure: Kim asked if any HCC members participated in the event. Some did and felt it was very successful. The HCC mentioned that each conference should participate in the event-set-up their own timeline when to host the event(s). Kim stated that the information to run the event is found on the AVCA website.

--NCAA Eligibility Center: Asking the coaches associations for our feedback about foreign players.


II. Old Business

· NCAA Rules Committee: Carlos mentioned the main concern was not hearing from coaches. Also, the second / third double hit and touching the net have been some issues the committee is working on. Call for a Rules-Change Proposal memo has been sent out and if you would like to present a rules proposal you need two signatures to have it evaluated by the rules committee. This is due January, 18th, 2008. Tia put forth the warm-up protocol up for discussion in hopes to make it shorter. Tia thought maybe address this through the SAAC committee for the welfare of the student-athlete. Also keep the protocol consistent amongst all conferences.


· NCAA Championships: Kim has communicated with the NCAA Division II liaison for volleyball championships and they will be presenting a handout regarding the 2008 season. Chris Herron had a few questions regarding regionalization:

Why isn't the Elite 8 seeded? Due to regionalization it would be very difficult to seed each region. You are suppose to play within your region.

Why do we play back-to-back in playoffs? Cost.

May we see the math formula of how the strength-of-schedule is calculated?

Head-to-head should be the most important. Karen mentioned that with the strength of schedule you can weigh out other. There are so many factors that may play in your win or loss to a team such as an injury, road travel, etc. Karen and Ginger both commented that this is not a true science and that with the other categories involved, you will get the right team to regionals.


III. Items for Discussion:

· JVDA and USA volleyball are working with one another to address some concerns at the club level. A couple of hot items is providing equal opportunity for all players and hiring qualified club coaches.

· Regional tape request: Kim brought forth to have a mandatory tape request at the regional playoff like that of the Elite 8 tape exchange. The HCC was very supportive of it.


IV. Conclusion: General Division II Meeting, Friday, Dec. 14th at 9 am.


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