Feb. 8, 2006


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1. Legislative Updates
2. Reports from the Chair
3. New Business
4. Next call will be March 8, 2006 NOON EST.
1. Sarah Weier highlighted the legislative issues and directed the group to review the recent Legislative Issues and Operating Code and send it to conference members.

Kalani Mahi shared the rationale and viewpoints of the assistant coaches and clarified specific points.

Sarah shared that the RTF found that the recruiting advantage was significant for some institutions. Kalani Mahi shared that some coaches are flying to areas and doing limited clinics for clubs to be in contact with top prospects. There are clubs also asking coaches to do clinics to help them attract top prospects. That is occurring and they are legitimate concerns. Rob Beam expressed concern that clinics are not being publicized in a normal media outlet. Kalani stated the use of seven contact limits is being infringed upon. Matt McShane asked if there was any consideration between it being an institutional camp or clinic and non-institutional camp or clinic. Sarah stated it was discussed at the convention. That the AEC is looking into recruiting issues and this is one on their radar.
Kalani cautioned that administrators get nervous with comparisons to FB and BB and this impacts us as a sport.

Karen implored the group to share concerns with the RTF and how to do that. New members can contact Kalani Mahi at kalani.mahi@uni.edu or Matt Houk at houkm@uwgb.edu to express concerns and issues reflected by your institutions. Be proactive in your concerns about legislative issues, etc. Kiran Mistry asked about the timeframe for legislative feedback. Kalani Mahi stated anytime is good for ideas and feedback and it is important to the NCAA that we look that we are on the same page. Sarah echoed that sentiment and shared that there are lots of opportunities to be heard.

Sarah shared the reasons for the inception of the Operating Code. It is a means of educating the AVCA membership about legislation and its position.

Ryan Goodwin expressed concerns about the type of language that will steer the position of each conference. Kalani Mahi stated that all issues will be considered and he is not a filter but a vehicle to drive information.
2. New members asked questions about ACC and Karen shared where they could get info and she would bring them up to speed. She asked for volunteers for the committees including the welcoming committee and the Professional Development Committee.

3. Erich Hinterstocker is looking for assistance with the clinics at Lonestar, MEQ and Big South.

Call ended at 12:57pm EST.

ABSENT FROM THE CALL: Atlantic Sun, Big South, Big Sky, Big 12, Ivy League, Mid Continent, Patriot, WAC, Div II, Div, III.

Welcome New Representatives:
Betty Austin - Southwestern
Steve Florio - Independents
Keisha Demps -- WAC
Matt McShane - PAC 10
Kiran Mistry - Big West
Rick Reynolds - Colonial
Mika Robinson - Big Sky
Mitch Sadowsky - Big East

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