May 15, 2007


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Roll Call:

Kim Sudbeck, Augustana College

Tia Brandel, Ferris State University

Nedra Brown, Kentucky State University

Todd Caughlin, St. Mary's University (TX)

Theresa Garlacy, Bryant College

Cody Hein, Chico State

Tom Justice, Lock Haven University

Kris Naber, Grand Canyon University

Bo Pagliasotti, Southwestern Oklahoma

Tracy Rietzke, Rockhurst University

Robin Salters, University of New Haven, NCAA meetings

Phil Shoemaker, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Dave Simon, U.MN-Crookston

Michael Sinesi, Univ. of Science in Philadelphia

Jill Stevens, Florida Southern

Bren Stevens, NCAA Rules, WV-Charleston

Ibraheen Suberu, Pittsburg State

Rhonda Thigpen, Henderson State University



Amber Glass, Augusta College

Shannon Mincy, Carson-Newman

Rose Shires, U. of Nebraska-Omaha

Queen Frazier, Virginia Union U.


Also on Call: Kathy DeBoer, AVCA Executive Director


Meeting Called to Order: 2:05 p.m.




I. Welcome.

Kim welcomes everyone to the meeting. Introduces Kathy and begins.


II. AVCA Update and Membership

Kathy reports on the following:

* Wendy Payne and Kelly Stumph have left the AVCA to go on to new positions. Wendy is working with NTA, another Host association, while Kelly went home to Texas to become Director of Operations for the women's volleyball program at Texas A&M.

* AVCA membership is up 500 members since July 2006, which is a 17% increase.

* Describes how the new High School Affiliate program works. Mentions that Ohio and Michigan are already signed up. Have two other states - Kentucky and Pennsylvania - also working to join. Once they reach the minimum 100 members, they will come on board. Kathy also asks that if anyone knows a high school contact or coach, who are leaders in their state, please send her their information.


Kim mentions that at the board meeting, board members broke into groups to discuss different things that we can try to do to increase membership. A couple things that came out of her discussion were:

* Try to increase the DII head coach numbers. While DII has 80% as members, it is still worthwhile to try and go after the other 20%.

* Then, try and get the head coaches to try and help their assistant coaches become members and even attend the convention. Head coaches can talk to their administrators about it and maybe get it included in their budgets. It is important for these young assistants to become members and get to the convention. In that way, they can learn at the seminars and network with the other coaches. This would be a big benefit to the future of the sport.


III: Board Meeting

Kim talked a little about some of the other things that occurred at the board meeting, which took place the previous week. One of the things she emphasized was the convention, and how Jason Jones and Mark McCloskey are already hard at work for Sacramento. She wanted the committee to know that Jason and Mark "are listening," so please send any ideas their way.


One of the other things she told the committee about was that there are plans to have a sand court at the convention, with a seminar session built around it.


Kathy then let everyone know that John Cook, Mary Wise, Jerritt Elliott, Mick Haley and Russ Rose have signed up to do a session at the convention, if they are not participating in the matches. She mentioned that this is something the AVCA will try to do every year from now on - try and sign-up some of the top coaches and get them to agree to speak if they are not participating in the matches. The goal is to get the best of the best!


Kim added that she also spoke with Cecile Reynaud at the board meeting. Cecile is helping come up with the names of some other folks "to present" at the convention. So, if any one on the committee knows of anyone that would want to do a presentation, or if any of the committee members would like to do a presentation themselves, please contact Chris Catnach, Tampa U., or Cecile with the information.


Other things from the Board Meeting...


a. Membership Increase

A decision was made at the board meeting to increase the membership dues. Kim noted that the dues have been the same for the last six years, so that is why the decision was made to make the increase. This is needed to help the AVCA grow. The new dues structure will be released on July 1.


b. Web Casting

Kim mentioned that during the board meeting the Division III rep said they would be doing more web casting in 2007. She said that she had discussed this more with Jason Jones (AVCA Dir. of Operations). From that, Kim will send out some questions and information about web casting to the Division II committee so that it can be determined if more schools in Division II can take advantage of this technology.


c. Awards

Kim asked the committee what they thought their athletes did with the awards they received for All Region and All American honors. Do they store it away and never look at it again, or do they keep it and display it.


Kathy added that the reason for the question is that we're trying to determine if the awards the AVCA is giving out are "relevant" and something the athletes appreciate, or if the AVCA should be giving out something that they'll like and want to keep.


Discussion on this topic ensued and more follow up will occur.


d. Web Site and AVCA Pubs

One of the discussions that took place in the breakout sessions during the board meeting was about the AVCA web site and the AVCA publications. Kim let the committee know the AVCA welcomes suggestions and ideas.


IV. Award Reps

Kim mentioned that she has secured about 90% of the Award Reps needed for the 2007 season. She said she had to make some changes due to the reorganization, but she is almost complete in getting all of the reps she will need.


V. NCAA News

Kim discussed the email that Kathy had sent out after the board meeting with different information on things, including updates on NCAA news. One of the topics was male practice players. Discussion ensued on this subject by the committee members. Kim ended by asking all members to send their comments on this issue to her, and she will put them all together and send them in to the NCAA. Deadline is Friday, June 22nd.


Kathy also mentioned that text messaging is no longer allowed either.


Kim said she would send out Kathy's email with all of the information and attachments, which she strongly encouraged all of the committee members to read.


VI. New News

Some new coaches will be needed for the Division II Committee for the 2007 season. Kim will send an email out explaining the term rotations and which positions will be open. She said she had a few names, but encouraged every one to send her the names of any coaches that would be interested in serving on the committee.


VI. Collegiate Beach on CSTV

Sue told everyone that the Collegiate Beach event was scheduled to air over the weekend, and to check the AVCA Web site for the times.


Kathy asked that the committee members to also "start rolling around in your heads" the idea of having the beach game in the collegiate ranks. She stated that TV liked this event, which is good for the sport. She stated that we might want to start talking about a beach component as part of a spring sport in the future, because it can help the development of the sport.


VII. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be the first one of the 2007-08 season. It is scheduled for Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at 1 p.m. Central Time.


Meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.

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