April 4, 2007


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Roll Call:


Kim Sudbeck, Augustana College

Tia Brandel, Ferris State University

Todd Caughlin, St. Mary's U. (TX)

Theresa Garlacy, Bryant College

Cody Hein, Chico State

Shannon Mincy, Carson-Newman

Kris Naber, Grand Canyon U.

Bo Pagliasotti, Southwestern Oklahoma

Robin Salters, University of New Haven, NCAA meetings

Phil Shoemaker, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Bren Stevens, NCAA Rules, WV-Charleston

Jill Stevens, Florida Southern

Dave Simon, U.MN-Crookston

Michael Sinesi, U. of Science in Philadelphia

Tracy Rietzke, Rockhurst U.

Rhonda Thigpen, Henderson State U.



Amber Glass, Augusta College

Ibraheen Suberu, Pittsburg State

Rose Shires, U. of Nebraska-Omaha

Melony Nelson, Associate Commissioner: North Central

Queen Frazier, Virginia Union U.

Tom Justice, Lock Haven U.

Nedra Brown, Kentucky State U.



Chair report

AVCA Update:

Membership numbers increasing steadily with an all time high 3,700 members. The JVDA, Junior Volleyball Directors Association now has over 70 club director members also. In addition, we hope that our new high school affiliate membership category of membership will encourage state coaches associations to get involved in helping us recruit new high school coach members.
The AVCA College Volleyball Showcase will be held in Omaha Nebraska in 2007. Tickets are now on sale with almost 7,000 already sold. Please encourage coaches to attend this great event.
The next AVCA Minority Coaches Clinic will be held in NYC. The clinic will be held from 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. ET at Hunter College located at 68th Street and Lexington Avenue in New York City. For more information or to register for the clinic, please call 212-772-4783 or contact Emily John-Ancrum at emily.john-ancrum@hunter.cuny.edu.
May Board Meetings: Kim mentions that the AVCA Board of Director's meetings will be held May 6th, 7th and 8th in Lexington Kentucky. This is our chance to have our voices heard. Please contact Kim with any information that you would like for your Board of Directors to consider. The next Board meeting will be held in December of 2007.
Kelly Stumph recently released information on the Grant Burger Media Award. Please send nominations for deserving SID's and web journalism prospects to Kelly at Kelly.stumph@avca.org.
Professional Development: What is your greatest source of professional development? When asked this question many on the committee mentioned; Coaching Volleyball magazine, the AVCA Web Site, The AVCA Annual Convention, available books/videos, clinics and CAP. Kris mentions watching the national team as a learning experience and Phil mentions sharing with peers.
Old Old Business

· NCAA News: Bren Stevens talked to a committee member last week and ideas are being considered for change however these changes could take awhile.

· Spring Competition: Must enter in subs. One at a time when you have multiple subs. This is simple enough but it doesn't to start practicing this in Spring.

· Bren received an email from Marcia Altman. It had been pretty apparent that all coaches want to see greater consistency from referees. The question to this committee is, what is your preference on this consistency? A looser game or a tighter game? More or less like international play? Please email your comments to Kim.

· AVCA: Update your personal profile on the AVCA website.


Next Call: Wednesday, May 9th, 1:00 pm CT, 2:00 pm Eastern-Please note that this is a change in schedule and will be one week later than usual.

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