Convention Volunteer

Convention Registration Volunteer Job Description

Convention Registration Volunteer - Two or three people will be assigned to each two-hour time block during registration.  The duties include:

  • Welcome new attendees to the convention
  • Distribute name badges, registration bags, etc. to attendees as they arrive
  • Help answer simple questions about the convention



Networking Event Volunteer Job Description

Networking Event Volunteer - Three or four people will be assigned to each major social function (banquets and receptions) during the convention. The duties include:

  • Help with crowd control before the event
  • Assist with taking tickets and/or checking badges
  • Assist with getting attendees seated in a timely manner
  • Reserved seating will be provided for volunteers at the jostens Coaches Honors Luncheon and the AVCA All-America/Players of the Year Banquet



Seminar Monitor Volunteer Job Description

Seminar Monitor Volunteer - Three or four people are typically assigned to monitor each seminar. The duties include:

Acting as the speaker's immediate contact and reporting any audio-visual or sound problems to an AVCA staff member

  • Distributing and collecting evaluation forms
  • Operating lights for speakers with audio-visual support pieces
  • Counting the number of people attending the session
  • Introduce the speaker and read the housekeeping notes if an introducer is not available   


To volunteer for any of these opportunities please complete a Volunteer Program Sign-Up Form and fax it to AVCA headquarters (859) 226-4338. 

If you have questions about the Volunteer Program please call (866) 544-2822 or e-mail:


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