Pre-Convention Seminar


Mastering the Art of Volleyball Recruiting

Dan TudorDan Tudor, founder of the widely respected Selling for Coaches program, will lead a special four-part, in-depth session on developing a winning strategy when it comes to college volleyball recruiting.  This specially designed program for AVCA Convention attendees will take you through proven recruiting principles that are being used by college coaches around the country.  High school and club coaches in attendance will learn how to get your players recruited on a more consistent basis, as well as learn new ways to attract players to your local program.

Part I:  "What This 'Millennial Generation' Wants, and Why It Should Matter to You"

This generation of student-athlete is more different than any other you have recruited in the past.  What drives them?  How do they pick a college program?  How should you communicate with them?  All those questions will be answered in the first part of this special AVCA presentation.

Part II:  "The 7 Mistakes You Might Be Making"

What mistakes do coaches make when they recruit and communicate with their prospects and athletes?  We'll go over the 7 big mistakes that the experts at Selling for Coaches have identified, and how to avoid them.

Part III:  "Spiking Your Prospect's Objections - EVERY Time"

Why do most college coaches dislike recruiting?  Why do many club and high school coaches find dealing with today's teens (and their parents) frustrating?  Because no matter what level you coach, they feel perfectly fine with finding things to object to in what you are offering them.  In part three of our AVCA Convention session, we'll teach you proven strategies for dealing with - and overcoming - the objections you hear from your prospects and players.

Part IV:  "The 7 Secrets to Successful Recruiting"

O.K.,you know what makes this generation know what mistakes to avoid...and, you know how to battle the objection that you hear from the athletes you're recruiting.  Now what?  We'll teach you the 7 secrets to effective recruiting and how to put everything together into an effective, coherent recruiting plan that is guaranteed to net you better results.

"Dan offers a fresh and entertaining perspective on recruiting.  His advice has caused me to rethink many of my strategies and has resulted in a much more efficient recruiting effort."  - Becky Schmidt, head coach, Hope College