Mentoring Program


The AVCA is excited to launch its new Coaches Mentoring Program in August 2010. This program has been developed to allow experienced coaches to share their knowledge and talents with fellow coaches in the volleyball community. The AVCA hopes to present mentees with an opportunity for career and personal growth while offering mentors an outlet through which to provide guidance.

Coaches with an active AVCA membership are eligible to serve as a mentor or mentee. As applications are received, the AVCA will match mentors and mentees according to similar areas of interest. For those program participants attending the AVCA Annual Convention in Kansas City, the AVCA will host a Coaches Mentoring Program Reception from 7:15 - 8 p.m. on Wednesday, December 15. This event will allow the mentors and mentees a chance to meet face-to-face early during convention week. In addition, the AVCA encourages the mentee to "shadow" the mentor for a day during convention as well as join them for various convention events such as the banquets or NCAA matches.

Additional information on the AVCA Coaches Mentoring Program including program guidelines and sign-up applications can be found in the "Education/Resources" section of the AVCA Web site.